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Career Education

Vassar College

There are several resources available to assist prospective applicants in identifying law schools of interest and determining where they would be a competitive applicant:

The NAPLA Pre-Law Guide (228K) walks potential applicants through the application process and is a great orientation to the legal profession.

Visit LSAC’s Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools to identify schools that meet your specialty criteria, read their literature/review their websites, and begin reviewing their application requirements.

The Wilson-Stern Book of Law School Lists (7MB) is a helpful resource for students and alums looking to pursue specialty degrees and programs; it lists all of the schools that offer combination degrees (i.e., dual degree programs like a Ph.D. in Economics and a JD).

Several resources available can help students and alums identify schools that are appropriate to target based on GPA and LSAT scores. The LSAC helps applicants see where they might be competitive based on their GPA and LSAT scores.

We also maintain a Vassar-specific file that allows you to see how Vassar students and alums have fared over the last six application cycles based on their Vassar GPAs and LSAT scores (names of applicants are withheld to maintain confidentiality).