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The purpose of the information technology resources at Vassar is to support and enhance the college’s program of teaching, learning, and scholarship. Such resources include, but are not limited to computers, telecommunications equipment, data and voice networks (whether accessed locally or remotely), audio-visual equipment and technology support staff. These information technology resources and facilities also provide important support for communication and administration. Computing and Information Services strives to support the mission of the college by providing resources and facilities that are as extensive, effective, reliable, and as secure as possible. This goal can be met only if members of the campus community use these shared resources in a manner that is legal, ethical, and respectful of others.

Use of Vassar’s information technology resources is subject to the same regulations as any other campus resources, facilities or activities. Users should be aware that laws that apply to the larger society, such as those governing intellectual property and harassment, also apply in the electronic community. Information technology resources may not be used for purposes that are inconsistent with the educational mission of the college. Users must not knowingly engage in activities that interfere with the normal operation of the information technology resources. For further guidelines in appropriate use, individuals should refer to the College Regulations.

Vassar College values the privacy of individual users and will respect that privacy whenever possible. By its very nature, electronically stored and transmitted information is vulnerable to interception, so users should always take precautions to protect sensitive files. While the college reserves the right to access files and transmissions on college-owned equipment, it will not normally invoke this right without the consent of the user. If access without the consent of the user is necessary, it will take place only with the approval of the appropriate senior officer, with notification to the president, except when the college is legally required or constrained to act otherwise.

—Approved by the Faculty February 16, 2005.

Addendum to Responsible Use Policy

No Vassar student or employee will handle customer credit card information unless specifically authorized to do so, as per the college’s Credit Card Handling Procedures. Members of the Vassar community are strictly prohibited from distributing customer credit card information via email, messaging, voicemail, texting, or file sharing services. Users are also strictly prohibited from photocopying, scanning, or faxing credit card information.

—Added February 12th, 2018