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Educational Assessment

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  • The assessment of the learning goals for the three content requirements for the Vassar degree—Quantitative Analysis Course, First-year Writing Seminar, and Language Proficiency—are performed by faculty and administrators involved in the teaching of the courses that satisfy that requirement. These assessments follow a cyclical schedule, with each of the three content requirements assessed every three years.
  • Departments and programs develop their own assessment plans for their learning goals. Many departments and programs assess one learning goal per academic year in a cyclic fashion.
  • General education learning goals are assessed primarily by compiling the results of other assessments.
    • The Independent Thinking, Creativity and Curiosity general education goal is assessed using a compilation of assessments of department and program learning goals that have been identified as supporting Independent Thinking, Creativity and Curiosity.
    • The Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning, Written Communication, and Intercultural Competency and Language Proficiency goals are assessed using the assessments of the corresponding content requirements.
      • The last goal within the Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning general education learning goal is not addressed by the Quantitative Analysis Course requirement.
    • The Diverse Ideas and Perspectives learning goal does not yet have an assessment plan.