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Educational Assessment

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Independent Thinking, Creativity and Curiosity: Students will

  • Conduct original independent research using appropriate sources.
  • Identify problems or issues for which there are complex, ambiguous, or contradictory answers that lead to creative outcomes or innovative solutions.

Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning: Students will

  • Construct, analyze, interpret, and evaluate subject matter using quantitative techniques.
  • Discern the kinds of questions that can be effectively addressed through quantitative methods.
  • Demonstrate scientific reasoning by applying inductive and/or deductive analysis to evaluate a hypothesis.

Written Communication: Students will

  • Construct a clear persuasive written argument.
  • Use appropriate conventions for different audiences.

Intercultural Competency and Language Proficiency: Students will

  • Demonstrate intercultural competency.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in communication skills in a language other than English.

Diverse Ideas and Perspectives: Students will

  • Demonstrate the ability to explain and reflect on important issues within one’s own social and cultural context and those of others.
  • Engage with ideas, beliefs, behaviors, values, or views that differ from one’s own.
  • Function effectively and work collaboratively in diverse groups.