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Engaged Pluralism Initiative

The Engaged Pluralism Initiative is a campus-wide initiative dedicated to building communities of belonging, inclusion, and equity at the college.

  • We always do our work in groups of students, faculty, administrators and staff–⁠working together on collective projects, questions, problems and actions.
  • All are welcome; each of us is needed for building our community.
  • Only through engaging each other can we create the communities we wish to live in.

Upcoming Event

Reseed Restore Relate

A storytelling retreat to build community during a shifting pandemic.

October 8th, November 5th, & December 3rd
9:30 a.m.–3:30 p.m. 

Hosted by the Engaged Pluralism Initiative & Relational Uprising.

engaged (adj) pluralism (n)[ in-’gājd ’plu̇r-ə- li-zəm ]

1. the philosophy that social difference is not a barrier or challenge, but rather an essential part of a strong community; 

2. the conviction that collaborating across differences is necessary for social transformation and critical for the well-being of any community and its members.