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Engaged Pluralism Initiative

Banner image: Vassar Voices was a story-telling, community building initiative. Sponsored by Engaged Pluralism Initiative (EPI) and Creative Arts Across Discipline, May 2019 Photo credit: Karl Rabe/Vassar College

The Engaged Pluralism Initiative is a campus-wide initiative dedicated to building communities of belonging, inclusion, and equity at the college.

What We Believe

EPI believes that meaningful change cannot and should not be the work of a single individual. Therefore, we do our work in groups of students, faculty, administrators and staff. We believe in the power of group work. We believe in dynamic engagement across differences. What does this work look like? It looks like small learning communities gathering to share, learn, brainstorm, and most importantly, engage with one another to explore questions of belonging and thriving at Vassar. 

In short, we believe only through engaging each other can we create the communities we wish to live in.

What We Do

We create opportunities for different forms of gathering, sharing, and collective questioning through our Working Groups; World Cafes; Igniter Pitch, EPI related intensives; and Summer Immersions, our bridge program for incoming first-generation, low income students. Through these programs, community members can gather to envision and kick start new initiatives that shape Vassar into a truly inclusive campus.

Communities are Critical Exhibit

This semester, EPI has hosted an intensive motivated by questions of community and belonging. Students, faculty, and administrators have spent this semester drafting, peer-sharing, and recording their stories. We invite you to virtually walk through our Communities are Critical Exhibit, which includes a collection of stories, recordings, and photographs.

Click here for the 3D Virtual Exhibit Tour

engaged (adj) pluralism (n)[ in-’gājd ’plu̇r-ə- li-zəm ]

1. the philosophy that social difference is not a barrier or challenge, but rather an essential part of a strong community; 

2. the conviction that collaborating across differences is necessary for social transformation and critical for the well-being of any community and its members.