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To accommodate thisyear’s unique circumstances we have developed an online science curriculum using Padlet.  Padlet is an online virtual bulletin board, that allows two-way interaction with posts (to learn more about padlet check out this article). We invite both parents and teachers to use this platform! These activites, crafts, videos and lessons are best suited for 2nd and 3rd grade, but can easily be adapted for 4th and 5th grade as well.

In celebration of the season, we have created a winter version of our Exploring Science at Vassar Padlet. We focus on habitats that are found right here in Poughkeepsie on the Vassar Ecological Preserve. If you are studying biomes this is a perfect way to explore the Temperate Forest Biome! In this winter version, we focus on the properties of water, migration, hibernation, and adaptations, as well as continuing to explore scientific observation and interactions between living and non-living things.  

We connect many of the activities to NYS Science Standards.

If you would like to use the padlet, please register here. Once you register we will send you the link and password and you are good to go! If you have questions or are interested in learning more please contact Jen Rubbo at

We are also offering virtual Exploring Science lessons! Students will play a game, experience a show and tell and learn about how to use the padlet! Please contact Jen Rubbo if you are interested.

Our Exploring Science at Vassar Fall Padlet is still available for use.