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Photo Credit: Maria Garcia

This activity helps students learn how to identify a macroinvertebrate, explore a macroinvertebrate role in the food chain, and understand the connectedness of what organisms eat through role-playing the food chain. Students have the opportunity to be expressive and creative as they act out roles in the food chain based on the book Trout Are Made of Trees by April Sayre. Students will also be introduced to important environmental issues such as the impact of pollution and habitat destruction. 

Students will: 

  • Be introduced to the term macroinvertebrate and learn examples of what macroinvertebrates are
  • Act out a food chain based on the book Trout Are Made of Trees and learn the importance of macroinvertebrates in the food chain
  • Discuss the negative impacts of pollution and cutting down trees

Extension 3: Macroinvertebrates and the Food
Chain Theatre