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See also, the Faculty/Administration Protocol on the Support, Advocacy, & Violence Prevention (SAVP) website.

For more information about advocacy or to seek assistance in reporting both on- and off-campus, contact the Sexual Assault Response Team at (845) 437-7333 or the Support, Advocacy, & Violence Prevention Coordinator at (845) 437-7863 or

Students have the right to file a Title IX complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights if they believe the College has discriminated against them on the basis of sex/gender.

*To file a formal report, contact the Title IX Coordinator at (845) 437-7924 or

An online reporting form is available on the website. You may report an incident anonymously to the College, by filling out the Anonymous Reporting Form on the website. Whether or not a report is made to the College, individuals have the right to file a report with local police at (845) 485-3666 and/or state police at 1-(844) 845-7269, or 9-1-1 in an emergency.

In accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, all colleges and universities must have a designated Title IX coordinator who is responsible for ensuring institutional compliance with state and federal nondiscrimination and harassment laws. Under Title IX, colleges and universities must also clearly articulate who are “responsible employees” in response to a notice of gender-based discrimination (i.e., sexual harassment, sexual assault and other forms of sexual misconduct) involving students. The director of equal opportunity in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action is Vassar’s designated Title IX coordinator. 

Reporting an incident of sexual misconduct to the Title IX of coordinator ficer or a “responsible employee” is official notice to the institution. Students have the right and can expect to have incidents of gender-based discrimination to be taken seriously by the institution when formally reported, and to have those incidents investigated and properly resolved through administrative procedures. All “responsible employees” must report the incident to the director of equal opportunity/Title IX coordinator, who will determine the most appropriate course of action to ensure a prompt and equitable response. Formal reporting means that only people who need to know will be told, and information will be shared only as necessary with investigators, witnesses, and the accused individual. 

The College will seek consent from reporting individuals prior to conducting an investigation. Declining to consent to an investigation shall be honored unless the College determines in good faith that failure to investigate does not adequately mitigate a potential risk of harm to the reporting individual or other members of the community. Honoring such a request may limit the institution’s ability to meaningfully investigate and pursue conduct action against an accused individual. Factors used to determine whether to honor such a request include, but are not limited to: a. Whether the accused has a history of violent behavior or is a repeat offender; b. Whether the incident represents escalation in unlawful conduct on behalf of the accused from previously noted behavior; c. The increased risk that the accused will commit additional acts of violence; d. Whether the accused used a weapon or force; e. Whether the reporting individual is a minor; and f. Whether the institution possesses other means to obtain evidence such as security footage, and whether available information reveals a pattern of perpetration at a given location or by a particular group.

At Vassar College, the following officers and individuals are designated as “responsible employees”: 

  1. President 
  2. Senior officers (dean of the faculty, dean of the college, dean of strategic planning and academic resources, vice president for communications, vice president for alumnae/i affairs and development, and vice president for finance and administration 
  3. Director of equal opportunity/Title IX coordinator and faculty director of affirmative action 
  4. Safety and Security Office personnel
  5. Human resources administrators 
  6. Other deans, associate deans and administrators with supervisory responsibilities 
  7. Student conduct administrators 
  8. Residential life professional staff 
  9. Academic department chairs and program directors 
  10. Faculty and other employees supervising overnight domestic or international student trips 

Those wishing to file a formal complaint alleging non-consensual intercourse, non-consensual contact, sexual exploitation, dating/domestic violence and/or stalking should contact the Director of EOAA/Title IX Coordinator. When the accused in a student, refer to Part G for the specific college regulations and Part K, section II-G for information about Title IX hearing process. When the accused is a member of the faculty, administration, or staff, refer to Part E, section III-B for that grievance process.