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Vassar College

About 40 available; some restricted to special fields of study; others unrestricted; most are for full-time graduate study. Fellowships are for one year of support and may not be deferred. Seniors and Vassar graduates may apply. The fellowship funds have been established by friends of the college to encourage Vassar graduates to continue their studies in the United States or abroad, either in work toward an advanced degree or in the creative arts. Since the stipends do not cover the full amount needed for graduate work, applicants are strongly advised to apply simultaneously for outside grants. 

Members of the graduating class and recent graduates of Vassar College are eligible as specified under each fellowship. 

The Dean of Studies Office will only fund travel to or study in any area that is under U.S. State Department Travel Advisory level 3 or 4 if granted through a petition process.  This policy applies to travel to countries designated as advisory level 3 or 4 as well as regions designated as advisory level 3 or 4 within a country with an advisory level 1 or 2.  See the U.S. State Department Travel Advisory website for advisory levels and detailed information about safety and security information for each country.

Please review the College Policy on Student Travel for information about travel to countries on a CDC level 3 or 4 Travel Warning.

Campus Deadline April 15, this includes letters of recommendation.

  1. Use the Recommendation Registration Form to register two people to serve as your referees (at least one must be a Vassar College faculty member). You must register your writers before you submit your application and inform them that the letters are due by the campus deadline. 
  2. Download the Budget Worksheet and complete prior to completing your application. You will need it when you are ready to submit.
  3. Complete the General Vassar Fellowship Application and submit it by the campus deadline. By submitting the general application you will be considered for all of the fellowships you are eligible for; you may only receive one Vassar fellowship in any given year. 

For Applicants: You must submit your application through the online system as indicated above. Please note that you cannot save information in the application and return to it at a later date. Seniors will need a transcript with fall grades included so seniors won't be able to submit the application until mid-January, the earliest. You should save your work in a separate document and enter it all at once when you are ready to submit. 

For Letter Writers: Candidates should register their references through the online application. Once registered, writers will receive a link to this form Letter of Recommendation Submission Form. If you haven't received an email please follow up with the applicant to ensure that you have been registered to write on his/her behalf. You may access this form at any time through this site, however, you cannot save information and return to the form at a later date.

Vassar Fellowship recipients shall report in writing to the Committee on Fellowships two times during the year. If we do not receive the mid-year report, we reserve the right to retain the balance of the fellowship funds.

List of Vassar Fellowships