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Vassar College

The mission of the Office for Fellowships is to assist Vassar students and recent graduates as they apply for fellowships and other funding opportunities to continue their academic pursuits or to explore their special interests through organized fellowship programs or independent but focused study, either in the US or abroad.

In an effort to provide current and specific information about fellowships and other programs that may be of interest, the Office for Fellowships has teamed up with the Career Development Office to consolidate our listings. To search for fellowships, scholarships and other opportunities please log into Handshake

Some fellowships/scholarships are extremely competitive, others are less so. Some require a Vassar nomination, endorsement, or evaluation while others may be applied for independently, frequently using an application that may be found on the web. The information in Handshake is not comprehensive, there are many opportunities out there; please utilize our listing of General Scholarship Search Engines to explore other options.

Individual appointments are always available. Call the office or stop by to schedule a time to speak about your interests. The work of the office is supported by the Vassar faculty Committee on Fellowships—an eight member committee chaired by the Dean of Studies.

Perhaps a “fellowship” is not really what you are looking for but, how do you know? Here are some other resources that could be of assistance to you:

Your faculty members, particularly those in the fields that are of interest to you, can give you some ideas about various options you might consider if you are interested in advanced study. Faculty will also be an excellent resource as you work through the application process. Use them wisely and well.

The Career Development Office: It is possible that what you are really looking for is more of a “paying job” rather than a fellowship opportunity. The CDO's extensive website and The Vassar Alum Network can be of great assistance to you. The CDO will offer important workshops and programs to help you to think about your career choices and prepare to apply for jobs. Please do make it a priority to schedule an appointment to visit a counselor at the CDO early in your Vassar Career!