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Foundations: Vassar Immersion in the Liberal Arts

In an effort to support students of the incoming class the FLI program, in partnership with Engaged Pluralism, hosts Foundations Week. The pre-orientation was established in 2010 as a three-day program and is now a week-long. 

Foundations seeks to maximize your success and comfort at Vassar by:

  • Discussing academic expectations and realities before beginning the regular school year;
  • Providing a personalized overview of the campus, its resources, and its support opportunities;
  • Facilitating networking and mentoring relationships with peers, professors, and administrators;
  • Fostering community ties and relationships.

Foundations Week will be held August 19-24, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Why should I attend Foundations Week?

Foundations week offers you a chance to get a head start on your Vassar career. During Foundations, you will meet professors, take mini-courses that give you a sense of the Vassar classroom, meet your classmates, learn about campus resources that will help you thrive, explore the Hudson Valley, and have lots of fun. 

Does it cost money?

There is no cost to participate in Foundations week. Just register and show up! Housing, food, and activities are all included in your registration. You are, however, responsible for the cost of getting to campus. 

Can my family/supporters come to Foundations? 

Families/supporters are welcome to attend the first day to help students check-in. There is a welcome dinner for students and their families/supporters. After dinner, you’ll say goodbye so that you can begin your week of events.

Will I be moving into the same room that I will live in for the academic year?

Yes. Unless there is construction in your room or building, you will move into your Fall housing assignment.

Will I need to leave campus between Foundations week and New Student Orientation?

No, you will stay on campus. Foundations ends and New Student Orientation begins one day later.

Can I attend both Foundations week and International Student Orientation?

Unfortunately, the dates overlap and you will need to choose one to attend. It’s important to attend the entire week of Foundations, so coming to part of the week and then going to International Orientation is not an option.

What if I can't attend Foundations?

No worries. While we would love it if you could come, you are part of FLI no matter what. During the year, there will be events and programs for you to attend and meet other FLI students. You are welcome to attend and be involved in FLI as little or as much as you’d like. But rest assured, you are on the FLI email list and will receive weekly newsletters where these events are advertised.