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Health Service

Vassar College

What sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing is provided at the Vassar Health Service? Are there any fees?

Comprehensive testing for sexually transmitted infections, including HIV,is provided in Health Services. STI tests are of no cost to the student if they are on the health insurance available for Vassar College. If the student is 18 years of age or over, their parent(s) will not be able to access your medical record and STI test results because of privacy laws.

For students not on the Vassar health plan, STI testing is still available to you at the Health Service. A bill will be sent to you directly from the lab, which you can then send to your Insurance Company. If you are uncomfortable with your parents receiving the bill for this service, let the health service provider know and you can direct where the bill should be sent.

For students who are not on the Vassar Student Health Insurance Plan, free HIV and STI testing is available at Dutchess County Health department. (845) 486-3402)

What birth control is covered by Vassar student health plan?

For students on the Vassar Health Insurance plan, Health Service providers can write you an electronic prescription for low or no cost birth control, which you can pick up at a local pharmacy or delivered via mail order. Electronic prescriptions can also be sent for students with other health insurance plans but there may be a co-pay at the pharmacy. Or, if you need birth control immediately, Health Services also has packs on hand, for $15 a pack. Emergency Contraception (EC, including Ella) is also available. It is important to remember that hormone replacement therapy does not act as a form of birth control.

PrEP for H.I.V Prevention.

New York State is moving towards making pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) more affordable and available. The Health service refers students to HRHCare Community with the individual student’s Health Insurance company to cover prescriptions for PrEP and for medication management. Health Services does perform lab services as required for PrEP treatment.

Sun River Health
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