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All Employees: NY HERO Act: Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Plan

On May 5, 2021, former Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the New York Health and Essential Rights Act (NY HERO Act) into law. The purpose of the NY HERO Act is to protect employees against exposure and disease during a future airborne infectious disease outbreak and requires employers to establish an airborne infectious disease exposure prevention plan. Vassar has established the following plan which follows the model provided by the NYS Department of Labor and NYS Department of Health.

Vassar’s Airborne Infectious Disease Exposure Prevention Plan

This prevention plan goes into effect when an airborne infectious disease is designated by the NYS Commissioner of Health as a highly contagious communicable disease that presents a serious risk of harm to the public health. As of today, no designation has been made and the prevention plan is not required to be in effect.

Questions regarding this prevention plan can be directed to Jim Kelly, Director of Environmental, Health and Safety.