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Human Resources

Vassar College

You Have Been Assigned Annual Ethics & Compliance Training

You Have Been Assigned Annual Ethics & Compliance Training

As an employer in New York State, Vassar is required to have all employees complete ethics and compliance training at least once each year. The training aims to ensure all faculty, administrators, and staff understand their role and responsibility regarding institutional policies, best practices, and ethical standards. Ensuring compliance is both an individual and collective responsibility. 

Please complete all relevant training by January 31, 2024.

Required for All

Sexual Harassment Prevention / Title IX Training
As part of our collective effort to prevent sexual harassment and sexual misconduct on campus and increase awareness about support resources, reporting options, and bystander intervention practices, faculty, administrators, and staff can complete an interactive online course or attend a live workshop. Note: the online course is not the same as last year.

Recommended for All, Required for Some

Information Security Awareness Training: 
This training provides an overview of effective best practices for protecting Vassar data and resources.

Protection of Minors
The course below has been assigned to employees who work with children and will appear in your Get Inclusive dashboard only if it applies to you.

Please note: you will receive automated reminders to complete your training(s) from the Get Inclusive and KnowBe4 platforms. 

Additional Assistance

If you are an employee, or supervisor of an employee, who doesn't have ready access to a computer or mobile device to complete this training or have other barriers preventing completing this training without assistance, contact the Service Desk at (845) 437-7224 or


If you have feedback about any of the training, please send us your feedback so that we can use it to continually improve this process.

Concerns regarding policies or content of the training material related to information security awareness can be directed to Jerry Bailie, Director of Information Security, (845) 437-5990 or

Concerns regarding policies or content of the training material related to discrimination and harassment prevention or protection of minors can be directed to Belinda Guthrie, Assistant Vice President for Institutional Equity & Title IX Coordinator, (845) 437-5334 or and Jeffrey Schneider, Faculty Director of Affirmative Action,

Thank you,
Human Resources