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For all Faculty

The LTRC offers faculty the opportunity to learn from one another, from students, and from the latest pedagogical innovation to hone, improve, and augment their teaching. Through the Faculty Conversations mini-grants, the Talking About Teaching series, lectures, workshops, and individual consultations with the staff, faculty have access to a range of programs and resources over the course of their academic careers.

In addition to the Associate Dean of the Faculty, who serves as Director of the Center, two faculty members (the Faculty Director of Teaching Development and the Faculty Director of Research Development) focus on matters ranging from classroom pedagogy to curricular change, and from integrating teaching and research to creating a personally enriching research agenda. The Writing Center Director, the Quantitative Reasoning Center Director, and the Academic Support Specialist are also available for consultation on creating a student-centered curriculum for your courses.

Maria Hantzopoulos, Faculty Director of Teaching Development 

Susan Hiner, Faculty Director of Research Development