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The Q-Center is a quantitative support center and resource for all Vassar students. Our staff consists of Q-Tutors and Supplemental Instructors. Q-Tutors serve as as-needed tutors for students in a variety of math, chemistry, economics, physics, and biology classes, though we hope to be able to answer any quantitative question for you. Supplemental Instructors accompany a class or class section, attending classes, holding office hours, and leading review sessions. They are available to help anyone in their courses or in other sections of the same course.

For Students

Drop-In Tutoring: A tutoring center for students to learn from peers outside of the classroom. Students can meet individually or in groups with Q-Tutors who are trained to help students in QA courses. Q-Tutors are students who have excelled in their specialty QA subject(s), e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, and/or Physics. Some Q-Tutors are also available to help with assignments and projects using software and languages commonly used in quantitative analysis, e.g. MS Excel, LaTeX, and R.

Supplemental Instruction: A student-led collaborative learning program linked to select QA courses. SI is designed to organize and improve the ways in which students prepare for class outside of class. SI is attached to designated courses to provide students with a systematic and disciplined approach for processing the subject material assigned. Specially selected and trained students (SIs or SI Leaders) lead review sessions once each week to help reinforce concepts from the course and facilitate learning. Attendance at SI sessions is voluntary. Students report that regular attendance helps them retain and understand concepts better, develop good study habits, perform well on exams, and form close relationships with peers. 

For Faculty

  • The Q-Center offers training by request for departmental interns who offer peer-support for QA courses.
  • The Q-Center Director is available for consultations with QA faculty on curricular support and development.
  • The Q-Center Director is available for consultations with faculty who would like to incorporate more QA work in non-QA courses.