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Pre-Health Advising

Vassar College

Preparation for a Career in the Health Professions at Vassar College

It is typical over the last decade or so for 100-150 students of the entering freshman class to express at least a potential interest in one or more of the health professions as a career goal.  Although allopathic medicine is by far the most popular choice, students should realize that the health professions include a wide range of additional possibilities--osteopathic medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, nursing, public health, pharmacy, optometry, physical and occupational therapy, various kinds of laboratory technologies and closely allied fields such as medical administration, health education, some kinds of social work, and medical or bioethics.

Preparation for many of the health professions may or may not demand a natural science major.  Most often, the best advice we can offer is that students select the major field of study which most interests them.  Not only will they be happier because of that choice but the probability of better academic performance is increased.  Although the latter is not something we would prefer to stress in making educational choices, there is no escaping the reality that admission to professional schools continues to be difficult and highly competitive.  There are some health professions whose requirements make a natural science major the most logical choice.  It is the responsibility of the student to research the requirements of the health profession/s he or she is considering.

The Road to Becoming a Doctor

Tour for Diversity in Medicine  To educate, inspire and cultivate future physicians and dentists of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds by forming local connections in order to fulfill a national need.

Current students interested in the health care professions should enroll in our Moodle site to receive updates from the office. If you are not currently enrolled, you should contact the office by calling x5263 or by emailing Marie D'Apice (