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Each student has two options for pre-registration. You can use the web pre-registration system to enter your own course selections or you can simply complete a pre-registration form and return it to the Office of the Registrar. We encourage you to use the computer since you will have access to information such as course limits, class restrictions, and up-to-date information on how many students have requested a particular course section.

Pre-registration System

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    Use the web pre-registration system to enter your own course selections. You will be prompted for your 9-digit ID number and your RegPin, which you must obtain from your adviser.

Registration Steps

You must meet with your adviser during the 2-week registration period. You must get a RegPin from your adviser that will allow you to access the pre-registration system. Your 9-digit ID number is also required. If you are a double major or an Independent major you should have been assigned 2 (two) major advisers. In order to register you will be required to obtain a distinct RegPin from each of these advisers. You will not be able to log on to the Pre-Registration system without these 2 (two) RegPins. If you do not wish to use the computer, your adviser(s) must sign your registration form before the registrar will accept it.

How Does It Work?

Entry into a section is determined by the combination of your class year, the priority you give each section, and your draw number.

  • Seniors’ requests are processed first followed sequentially by juniors’, sophomores’, and first-years requests.
  • Your requests are considered in the order that you list them on the registration screen, with the first item having the highest priority. If one of your requests cannot be filled, then the next item in your list will be considered instead.
  • For your class year, your draw number determines when one of your requests is considered. Your top request is considered immediately after the top requests of all of the students in your class with lower draw numbers. As mentioned above, if your top request cannot be granted you will be enrolled in the first request on your list that can be.
  • In a second pass through the requests from your class, your top request among your remaining requests will be considered immediately before all of the students in your class with lower draw numbers. That is, the draw numbers work in reverse compared to the first pass. The remaining passes through the requests from your class continue the pattern of the first two passes, switching direction through the draw numbers on each pass.
  • You may list multiple sections of the same course among your requests but you will be enrolled only in the first one on your list that is available. You will not be enrolled in multiple sections of the same course.
  • You may also list sections of different courses that meet at the same time but you will be enrolled only in the first one on your list that is available. You will not be enrolled in sections with time conflicts.

What you need to consider.

  • You are able to enter up to 7 units of course selections in the Pre-Registration system. When registration closes and the algorithm is run to place students in their selections, there will be a cap of 4.5 units that will feed into the Banner system.  
  • You may enter multiple sections of the same course but you will not be enrolled in both sections
  • You will not be enrolled in a time conflict.
  • Special Permission and courses that have no enrollment limit should be listed last. These requests are always met and should not be given high priority. Otherwise, you will waste a priority request on a course you would have received in any case.
  • You may change the order of your courses by using the REORDER button. You may sign off and on as many times as you like during the 2-week period.