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How many Jewish Students are at Vassar?

Historically, 10% of the incoming class indicates interest in hearing from Jewish Life at Vassar. We in RSLCP know there are more Jewish students at Vassar than initially indicate interest, but we do not have exact percentages at this time.

Is Kosher food available?

Yes! In multiple places! Gordon Commons, Vassar College’s main dining hall, has a Kosher meat kitchen that serves lunch and dinner every day, except Friday night. While the kitchen is closed on Shabbat day, you can request a Shabbat Meal to Go before Friday at 11:00 a.m. by asking the manager on duty. Friday night, you can get a kosher dairy meal at Shabbat dinner with Vassar Jewish Union/Hillel (VJU/Hillel) and a kosher meat meal at Shabbat dinner with Chabad Jewish Community (CJC). All of our meals strive to meet the dietary needs of our community.

If you have any questions/concerns email Rabbi Bryan at

I never went to synagogue/camp/youth group, what if I don’t know enough?

You are not alone! So many Jewish students connect with Judaism for the first time or reconnect with Judaism for the first time in a long time while at Vassar. Whether through coming to a Shabbat service, participating in accessible and inclusive Jewish learning, or just coming to a social event to hang out with other Jewish students. There is no expectation that you know Hebrew, any melodies for the prayers, nor have extensive Jewish knowledge coming into any of our events, including Shabbat services and holidays. Many of our student leaders and Rabbi Bryan are here to support you in learning more if you want, but you never have to!

Do I have to be Jewish to come to Shabbat/Jewish Life events?

No—all of our Jewish communities are open to anyone who wants to support Jewish Life on campus!

What other things are Jewish students involved in on campus?

So many things change from year to year—you may find a lot of Jewish student playing on any of the frisbee teams or rugby. They might be directing, acting, stage managing, and/or designing sets for one of the many student theater or dance shows on campus. You might find them as a part of Vassar’s circus troupe, the Barefoot Fireflies, or in one of the comedy clubs. There are so many ways to connect with Jewish students on campus outside of Jewish Life.