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Sometimes we will not be offering Shabbat services or holiday programming on campus. This is especially true during Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer breaks. If you are on campus during these times, we invite you to check out any of the following local communities. If you need help with transportation let Rabbi Bryan know. 

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Schomre Israel (Orthodox)
Poughkeepsie, NY
(845) 454-2890 

Schomre Israel caters to the spiritual, educational, and cultural needs of Jews of all ages. Schomre Israel fulfills the three major functions necessary for a Jewish congregation; it is a house of worship, of study, and for assembly. Daily, Shabbat and YomTov services are conducted in our beautiful sanctuary. Study sessions and lectures are provided by the Rabbi, the Rebbitzin, as well as distinguished guest speakers and scholar-in-residence programs. Social activities include Kiddushim and both holiday and special event dinners prepared by the Sisterhood.

Temple Beth-El (Conservative)
Poughkeepsie, NY
(845) 454-0570

Temple Beth-El serves the Body and Soul of the Hudson Valley. We are a vibrant and egalitarian Conservative Jewish congregation serving the Jewish and Intermarried families of Dutchess County and the Mid-Hudson Valley for more than 90 years. Whether you are seeking religious services, educational opportunities, cultural, social, or recreational activities, you will find them at Temple Beth-El.  We are a spiritual home for a diverse, inclusive congregation that cares deeply about imparting the love of Judaism to this and future generations.

Vassar Temple (Reform)
Poughkeepsie, NY
(845) 454-2570

Join a Reform congregation with a rich history and discover the powerful relevance of Judaism today. Participate in projects that improve our world. Delight in spiritual and intellectual growth. Share your joys and challenges, and achieve a sense of peace and belonging. Enjoy opportunities for prayer, learning, social interaction, and Jewish and personal life-cycle support. Enrich your life with meaningful rituals, caring friendships, and joyful celebrations. Join a welcoming congregation where you are accepted as you are at any level of involvement.


Beacon Hebrew Alliance (Conservative)
Beacon, NY
(845) 831-2012
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Beacon Hebrew Alliance is a community that asks big questions about life – questions about love and justice and joy and sorrow and friendship. BHA has always been a warm, welcoming place where the Jewish community has connected with each other, the broader community, and with the Divine.


Congregation Agudas Israel (Conservative)
Newburgh, NY

Founded in 1884, Congregation Agudas Israel serves the Greater Newburgh area as a welcoming, family friendly, egalitarian synagogue. In today's modern world, we strive to be a reliable  and steadfast anchor as a spiritual outlet whether its traditional Shabbat and holiday services for everyone to enjoy. We nurture our Jewish lives as part of a vibrant Kol Yisrael campus that has other active Jewish organizations and ample space for collaboration, recreation, exhibition, and practice. Through our dedicated programs, we nurture both the intellectual and spiritual life of the congregation.  

New Paltz

Jewish Congregation of New Paltz (Reconstructionist)
New Paltz, NY
For info about services, email 

Since our founding in 1964 and subsequent affiliation with the Reconstructionist Movement in 1984, Kehillat Ahavat Achim, the Jewish Congregation of New Paltz, has been a vibrant, egalitarian, and intergenerational community, open to all Jews (by birth and by affiliation): singles, families, LGBTQ, interracial, interfaith couples and families. We are a place of prayer where individuals with varied spiritual goals and leanings find a comfortable home, and we are committed to creative education and meaningful Jewish study for our children and adult members. JCNP is in a vibrant community that leverages its proximity to a vast array of amenities to bolster the intellectual and spiritual life of the congregation.

Kol Hai Jewish Renewal (Renewal) 
New Paltz, NY
(845) 477-5457

Kol Hai Supports the Journey of the Soul. We are Hudson Valley's embodied, transformative, earth-based Jewish Renewal community. We gather for Kabbalat Shabbat to sing, dance, and uplift each other. We find strength in our roots and fulfillment in the present through our connection to each other and the sacred. Kol Hai is committed to welcoming and indeed celebrating “All Life”—all ages, genders, races, religious backgrounds, and lifestyles. We uplift the feminine and other marginalized voices as we search together for relevance and meaning in the beauty and antiquity of the Jewish tradition.


Congregation Emanuel of the Hudson Valley (CEHV) (Reform)
Kingston, NY
(845) 338-4271

Congregation Emanuel strives to be the voice of Reform Judaism in the Hudson Valley. We embrace the social and ethical ideals that once and still animate Reform Judaism. Spirituality lives in CEHV’s heritage and thrives in our celebrations.


Woodstock Jewish Congregation (Unaffiliated)
(845) 679-2218

The Woodstock Jewish Congregation is dedicated to the advancement of Jewish ethics, culture and religion. We strive to enable participants to enrich their lives through Jewish worship, celebration, practice, study and fellowship. We are committed to maintaining our loving character by treating all people with care and respect, and to fostering our connection with the state of Israel and Jews around the world. We draw from all streams of Jewish practice. It is our hope that the spirit of holiness and the passion for justice generated within our congregation will overflow into our families, workplaces and community at large so we might do our part in fulfilling the ancient directive “to be a light unto the nations."