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As-salamu alaykum!

Whether you are Muslim, Muslim-ish, interested in Islam, or craving some kebabs or kofta, you have a place at our table.

Muslim Life at Vassar is centered around friendship, Subha, faith, activism, and learning. Our growing community is made up of individuals coming to Vassar from different parts of the world—with a wide range of cultures, practices, politics, opinions, and understandings of what it means to be Muslim. The bonds built over home-cooked dinners at Pratt House and off-campus outings, tested and strengthened over these four years, will last a lifetime.

Our students organize and implement much of the programming from leading Jummah prayers to organizing an immersive Ramadan experience. They hold space for each other through discussions over s’mores, movie screenings, study breaks, trips off campus, dinners at Pratt House, and our Eid celebrations. And it is through their efforts that Muslim Life now has a dedicated Muslim prayer space and a part-time advisor.

Who is the Advisor for Muslim Student Life? 

Saba Ali has deep roots in the Hudson Valley Muslim community where she has worked with the Mid-Hudson Islamic Association and Masjid Al Mutakabbir to help foster community building. She also works part-time as a reporter for the Poughkeepsie Journal and as a freelance writer on topics related to the Muslim American experience. 

Saba is always willing to make time for students and wants to know how to make your time at Vassar comfortable and memorable. She can be reached at or (845) 437-5577.