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Is Jumm’ah held on campus?

The VMSA holds Jumm’ah (Friday congregational prayer) every Friday at 1 p.m. in the Pratt House meditation space. Students take turns writing and/or giving khutbahs (public addresses). The VMSA will sometimes invite guest imams to lead the service.

What types of activities does the Muslim Students Association offer?

The VMSA gathers weekly for General Body meetings where they have discussions, share homemade or catered food, watch movies, partake in halal s’mores, play games, or relax after a busy week. Sometimes we collaborate with other organizations to host community discussions or go on off-campus excursions.

During Ramadan, the VMSA organizes community iftars, pre-prepared suhoor and iftar meals, and student-led Taraweeh prayers. We also arrange for students to go off-campus for iftars and prayers at local mosques. This year, The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and Contemplative Practices provided students with overnight access to the Pratt house, which also has a kitchen, for daily iftars and sahoors. VMSA provides transportation to a local mosque for Eid prayers.

Where can I get halal food?

Vassar’s dining hall, Gordon Commons, regularly offers certified halal chicken. Dishes labeled with a blue HL circle are halal. There are also a few restaurants, within driving distance, that serve up some yummy halal dishes too.

The Mid-Hudson Market in Wappingers carries halal meat as does some of our local grocery stores. And if you’re up for a bit of a drive, there is the Halal Pastures farm across the river that sells organic halal meat.