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Background Rationale

In addition to being a laboratory school, Wimpfheimer Nursery School is an early education facility serving children and their families from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. We have a dual mission as a laboratory school and an early education facility; thus, we are licensed to operate as a day care center by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services. This includes complying with the Dutchess County Health Department regulations for day care centers. Our general policies and procedures reflect both of these missions. All adults working at Wimpfheimer (in any capacity) must comply with these regulations.


Shirts and shoes are required. Shirts should be tasteful and not contain violent or other graphic content inappropriate for young children. Please consider that some of the children are able to read, and can read slogans on clothing. Adults are required to have appropriate footwear on at all times within the building and while on the playgrounds, in Kenyon gym, or on walks with the children. Please avoid wearing flipflops, cleats, or footwear with protruding metal pieces.

Coats & Knapsacks

Please store all coats and other outdoor garments in the student coat closet. The closet is marked with the sign “Student Coat Closet” and is located at the south end of the nursery school, just below the stairs at the entrance nearest Blodgett. Space in the observation booth and research rooms is at a premium. Please take only your written assignment, research materials, and any necessary valuables (wallets, purses) with you. When you leave the nursery school, please do not leave any food in the student coat closet. Some mice might be impressed but our health inspector would not.

Food & Gum Chewing

Open containers of food brought in by research teams or other guests are not permitted at Wimpfheimer. This is a health issue regarding food residue (bacteria and pest control) as well as addressing severe food allergies among some children and adults at the school. Eating, chewing gum and drinking soda or coffee are also prohibited while you are working at the nursery school. Water bottles are permitted in the classrooms and public spaces but not in the observation booths.

Researchers doing direct contact research (or familiarization time) may get lucky and be invited to join the children for snack; in this case, you are welcome to enjoy what is being served.


Appropriate language is to be used while working on the nursery school’s grounds and when with the children. This includes both specific language (e.g. swear words) and adult content (e.g. personal behaviors such as weekend plans). The booths (and public areas) are not soundproofed and adult conversations can be heard by both children and adults in the classroom.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere on Wimpfheimer’s school grounds or while with children on walks.

Fire Alarms

Wimpfheimer is required to have monthly fire drills. If the fire alarm rings while you are in the building or on school grounds, you must evacuate the building. Meet outside the south door (toward Blodgett). Do not leave the site as we will be accounting for every person in the building.