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Antiracism and Racial Literacy Resources

To support the anti-racism efforts happening in our institution, the Jeh Vincent Johnson ALANA Cultural Center has curated an extensive list of resources geared toward improving the racial literacy of our constituents and community. As an arm of Student Growth and Engagement, it is important that we continue to shed light on this very real systemic issue that is pervasive in many areas of our lives. It is our hope that consumption of these resources will be helpful in your journey to deepening your understanding of the processes and systems that perpetuate and uphold systems of oppression.  

As we continue the daily journey of being an anti-racist Center and campus, we first hold ourselves accountable as we also support peer and community accountability. To do this, we begin with the competencies of self-awareness and empathy as we work toward better understanding and supporting each other.  

To supplement your actions in becoming anti-racist, we encourage you to begin with knowledge building through review of this curated list, which includes articles and readings that may be helpful in understanding different perspectives, books featuring notable authors who write about lived experiences through the lens of race and antiracism, videos including TED Talks, clips, movies, and television shows aimed at increasing individual and group awareness. 

This curated list includes several categories to cater to the different needs of our campus community. This list, while extensive, is not complete. We invite you to contact us to provide any resources you believe are missing or would like to see featured.