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Campus Safety

Vassar College


Article 129-A of the New York State Education Law requires the formation of a campus committee at the college to address specific safety related matters set forth in the statute. The following Annual Report serves to report Vassar’s efforts in safety-related topics designated to the Campus Safety Advisory Committee in accordance with New York State Law.

Formation of Committee

Section 6431 of the NYS Education Law requires that the President of each college appoint an advisory committee on campus security.  The committee must consist of at least six (6) members, at least half of whom shall be female.  In addition, one-third shall be appointed from the faculty, and one-third shall be appointed from the students through VSA, and one-third shall be selected by the President.

The Campus Safety Advisory Committee for 2023-2024 was:

NameType of AppointeeGender
Arlene Sabo Director of Campus Safety – ChairAppointed by PresidentFemale
Jennifer Herrera Deputy Title IX Coordinator Appointed by PresidentFemale
Connor DalgaardAppointed by VSA – StudentMale
Karolina NaidonAppointed by VSA – StudentFemale
Jessica GasbarroAppointed by FacultyFemale
Mark EmerickAppointed by FacultyMale
Shay Humphrey General CounselAdvisory OnlyFemale

Review of Policies and Procedures

The committee has held three (3) meetings for the purpose of reviewing and making recommendations for the improvement of the following Vassar policies and procedures:

  • Educating the campus community, including security personnel and those persons who advise or supervise students, about sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking offenses and bias-related and hate crimes;
  • Educating the campus community about personal safety and crime prevention;
  • Reporting sexual assaults, domestic violence, stalking incidents, and hate crimes.
  •  Assisting victims during investigations;
  • Referring complaints to appropriate authorities;
  • Counseling victims; and
  • Responding to inquiries from concerned persons.


Rules & Regulations

  • New revisions to the NYS Education Law regarding Hate Crime and Bias Incident Reporting were reviewed.
  • New Hate Crime Policy drafts were reviewed and discussed.


  • Title IX Office “Get Inclusive” contract expires 12.31.24.  The college may move to a new provider (Vector) at that time.
  • Training and documentation provided to new students at onboarding


  • Reviewed draft CSAC Description for Dean of College webpage
  • Draft Video Camera Policy and Posting Locations were reviewed
  • Updated Campus Safety Website for Hate Crime Policy & Link to Reported Clery Statistics


  • Discussion of need for additional lighting on campus
  • Discussion of need for better signage and wayfinding on campus


Revisions to the 2024- 2025 academic year onboarding and orientation materials related to hate crime and bias incident education and reporting for new Vassar community members

Revisions the Campus Safety webpage to include required Bias and Hate Crime educational information and links to the DOE Vassar College crime statistics page

Revisions to the Video Camera Use and Posting Policy for campus and gather input from  the Committee on Campus Life

Add language to the Fall 2024 Housing Agreement to ensure students agree to having seen the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report and Hate Crime Education

Review and revise Bias Incident Reporting and Hate Crime Policies for Fall 2024 for compliance with state and federal laws

Update the MOU with the Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department pertaining to sexual assault and hate crimes

Form a “light” committee to optimize outdoor lighting on campus

Review recommendations from the CRPG  “signage” committee to ensure that visitors and community members can better locate buildings and travel on campus