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The following appears in the Vassar College Regulations, Part D. Emergency Resources and Information.

Anyone who believes a student to be missing should immediately report her/his concern to the Campus Safety Office, (845) 437-7333. Reports of a missing student may also be made to one of the following Vassar College officials:

Dean of Student Living and Wellness, (845) 437-5315
Dean of the College, (845) 437-5600
Director of Residential Life/Assistant Dean of Student Living and Wellness, (845) 437-5860

Other college officials receiving a missing person report relating to a student are required to notify the Dean of Student Living and Wellness immediately. Any report of a missing student will be fully investigated by appropriate college personnel under the coordination of the Dean of Student Living and Wellness and/or the director of Campus Safety. In order to determine if a student is missing, college officials will check a student’s card access records, class attendance, student residence, and use other methods to determine the status of a missing student. Vassar will notify appropriate local law enforcement agencies not later than 24 hours after the time a student is determined to be missing. If the student has designated an emergency contact person, the college will notify that individual as well.

Emergency Contact Information

In compliance with the Federal Higher Education Opportunity Act, federal law, 20 U.S.C § 1092j, a student may identify a confidential contact to be contacted by the college not later than twenty-four (24) hours after the time circumstances indicate that the student may be missing. The student should notify the confidential contact that he or she has been designated as such. Confidential contact information will be considered private and only assessable to authorized Vassar College individuals or law enforcement in the event the student is reported missing. Confidential contact information is distinct from general emergency contact information. It is kept by the Office of Residential Life. For students under age eighteen (18) and not emancipated, Vassar is required to notify the custodial parent not later than twenty-four (24) hours after the time the student is determined to be missing. All enrolled students at the college, regardless of their living circumstances, should designate an emergency contact person. Every student (resident and non-resident) has her/his own student account and may enter or change, under personal information/address, a designated emergency contact person at any time by updating their contact information. Students should update their personal information at the beginning of each academic year as a part of the check-in process to their residence hall and room, and are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided and updating the information when needed.