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VASSAR VOTES, is a non-partisan commitment to empowering Vassar students in the democratic process. Our mission is to ensure that every Vassar student has the resources and knowledge to actively participate in civic life. The Vassar Votes team supports students: 

  • register to vote with their home address or with their Vassar campus address; 
  • request absentee ballots; 
  • vote in local, primary, state, and national elections;
  • learn more about candidates, their roles, and the local political landscape. 

Vassar Votes is an initiative through the Office of Community-Engaged Learning and the Office of Residential Life, with support from the Vassar Education Collaboration.

Voting as a Vassar College Student

In order to participate in primary and general elections, students must be registered to vote. As a college student, you have the option of voting with your permanent home address or with your Vassar College address in Poughkeepsie, NY.

  • If you are previously registered at home and want to switch your voting location to Poughkeepsie, you must complete a paper registration form.
  • If you have moved campus housing since you last registered, you may need to update your address.
  • If you previously registered at home and do not want to change, you do not need to do anything.
  • If you never registered at your home address, but you would like to vote with your home address, you may access TurboVote and register to vote online. TurboVote has the capability of emailing you election reminders and absentee ballots.
  • You may not use Turbo Vote to register as a Poughkeepsie voter.

Voting with your Home Address:

Step 1: Register with TurboVote

Step 2: Double check your voter registration.

Step 3: Request your mail-in ballot through your local county’s board of elections or through TurboVote.

  • Visit
  • Click “Check Registration,” fill in the required fields, submit the form
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “How to Vote in [Your State’s Name]”
  • Click “Vote by mail” and follow the subsequent steps

Step 4: Check your Vassar mailbox regularly for your absentee ballot.

Step 5: Return your absentee ballot by mail.

Please note: Each state has different rules and requirements. You may be asked to print an absentee ballot request form. Should you need a stamp to mail any documents, your Dorm Voting Advisor will have stamps for you.

Voting with your Vassar Address:

In order to register with your Vassar address, you’ll need to complete a NYS paper registration form. If you have a NYS Driver’s License, you can register to vote online. We encourage you to take a screenshot of your confirmation page for your records and email this to

Step 1: Connect with your Dorm Voting Advisor, email to obtain a paper form; or, download the New York State Voter Registration Form.

Step 2: Return your form to the Dutchess County Board of Elections. You can mail in your form, give it to your Dorm Voting Advisor, or bring it to the OCEL, Main N165.

Step 3: Double check your voter registration. We also recommend that you check your Vassar mailbox regularly in case the Board of Elections sends you pertinent information regarding your registration.

Step 4: Vote on campus! The campus polling site is in the Aula, Ely Hall.

Voter Resources

Dorm Voting Advisors

Dorm Voting Advisors: students within residential houses volunteer their time with peer-to-peer support of their neighbors. DVAs help students register to vote, share communication reminders of upcoming elections, and related voter information. Become a DVA today!

Campus Voting Assistant: Matt Freire (he/him)

Spring 2024 Dorm Voting Advisors:

  • Cushing:
  • Davison: Sophia Greene (she/her)
  • Ferry:
  • Jewett:
  • Joss: Mariya Novosad (she/her)
  • Lathrop: Jonathan Eccher-Mullally (he/they)
  • Main: Matt Freire (he/him)
  • Noyes: Calder Beasley
  • Raymond:
  • Strong:
  • TAs: Yael Zarrini (she/her)
  • TH:
  • SoCos: