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As you plan your course of study for the fall semester in preparation for pre-registration, you will need to consult The First-Year Handbook, the Vassar College Catalogue, and the electronic Schedule of Classes (available in June.)

The only graduation requirement that you must complete during your first year is the First-Year Writing Seminar Requirement. All entering first-year students are required to complete at least one First-Year Writing Seminar during their first year. The First-Year Writing Seminars provide entering students the opportunity to develop as critical thinkers in a small class setting along with fellow students who are making the transition to college work. These courses, offered in a variety of disciplines, are limited to first-year students and have a maximum enrollment of 17 students. Particular attention is given to writing as an intellectual process as well as the effective expression of ideas in both written and oral form. Please consult The First-Year Handbook section on “First-Year Writing Seminars” for the specific offerings.

In addition to the First-Year Writing Seminar Requirement, there are three other Vassar graduation requirements beyond those in your major.  Learn more about these requirements in the following sections from The First-Year Handbook:

  • Quantitative Course Requirement
  • Foreign Language Proficiency
  • Distribution Requirements