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Summary of Significant Changes to the Common Data Set (CDS) for 2008-09

Changed Items

C8C: Add a column so SAT essay and ACT essay gathered separately:

Indicate how your institution will use the SAT essay or ACT essay component: check all that apply.

 SAT EssayACT Essay
For admission  
For placement  
For advising  
In place of an application essay  
As a validity check on the application essay  
No college policy as of now  
Not using essay component  

F1: Percentage of first-time, first-year (freshman) degree-seeking students and degree-seeking undergraduates enrolled in Fall 2008 who fit the following categories.

F4: Add two housing check-offs: Wellness housing and theme housing.

CDS H15. If your institution has recently implemented any major financial aid policy, program, or initiative to make your institution more affordable to incoming students such as replacing loans with grants, or waiving costs for families below a certain income level please provide details below

Permanently Deleted or Temporarily Discontinued Items

C20Common Application Question – removed.
E4-E8The “Library Collections” section has been removed until a new Academic Libraries Survey is in the field.