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Case Coordination, Advocacy, Resources, and Education

Vassar College

The Vassar College CARE Office (Case Coordination, Advocacy, Resources, and Education) is here to provide holistic, individualized, and compassionate Case Coordination support to all students. We welcome all students regardless of background and experience. It is our goal to empower students to attend to their needs holistically by providing a safe space focused on supportive care, advocacy, resources, and education.

Our Commitment to Diversity

The CARE Office (Case Coordination, Advocacy, Resources, and Education) supports its mission by serving students of all backgrounds and identities at Vassar. We recognize, value, and respect our students’ various and intersecting identities that include but are not limited to age, disability, ethnicity, race, nationality, gender expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and religious, spiritual and contemplative practices. We acknowledge and recognize the impact by systems of power, privilege, and oppression on our students and that our students of color are disproportionately affected by these systems. We are committed to diversity and inclusion work and stand in solidarity with all who have been affected.


CARE provides individualized and compassionate case coordination services. We want to ensure that any student experiencing any challenge and/or distress knows they are not alone, that there is support available, and that case coordination services can help. Services are free and private. While the CARE office provides emotional support as a part of our holistic student-centered approach to case coordination services, we do not provide counseling. We can however connect you to Counseling Services and any other resources needed for your care while we continue to partner with you on your journey.

Statement of Confidentiality

Erika Pappas, the Director of Case Coordination, and her team are a private resource on-campus and are available to help support you. The CARE Office team reaches out to students to offer support and case coordination services whenever they learn that a student is experiencing a difficult time or an unexpected challenge. The CARE office receives referrals from various members of the Vassar Community including faculty, administrators, staff, and students. Students may also be referred by the Student Support Network (SSN) or may self-refer.

When reaching out to other resources on your behalf, the staff at the CARE office shares only the minimum information required on a need-to-know basis in order for you to access the support that you need. Student privacy rights are protected by FERPA. CARE staff may disclose information without a student’s consent only in situations where a student’s health and well-being is at significant risk or if there are community safety concerns.