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COVID tests for PELL grant-eligable students

The CARE office has access to free COVID tests specifically for Vassar’s high-need, PELL grant eligible students.

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Case Coordination offers support with the following:

  • Developing and/or Expanding Your Support Network
  • Navigating Health Insurance
    The CARE Office can assist with a variety of health insurance concerns, including accessing providers, understanding your benefits, submitting appeals, and communicating with your health insurance company.
  • Outreach to Students in Distress
    We provide outreach and support services to any student experiencing distress or going through a difficult time. The CARE Office receives referrals from many different campus community members including faculty, administrators, staff, students, and concerned parents. When a referral is received, the Director of Case Coordination will reach out to the student via email or phone.
  • Outreach to Students Returning to Campus After Hospitalization or Leave
    The CARE Office provides follow-up support to students currently hospitalized or taking a leave of absence, as well as students who are returning to campus after either experience.
  • Referrals to Campus and Community Resources
  • Student Advocacy
    Case Coordinators advocate on behalf of students as they navigate multiple offices and processes on and off campus; with your permission, we can consult other offices on your behalf. We also educate and support students in self-advocacy skills and empower them to ask for what they need.

Note about Services: This list of services is comprehensive however it is not exhaustive. If you or a student you know needs support with a complex situation or an unexpected challenge, please contact the CARE office directly. CARE works with many unique situations.

COVID Tests for PELL Grant Students

The CARE office has access to free COVID tests specifically for Vassar’s high-need, PELL grant eligible students. To be eligible to receive COVID tests from the CARE office you must: 

  1. Be PELL-Grant Eligible or PELL-Grant Equivalent.
  2. Be non-symptomatic 

To request a box of COVID tests (2 tests per box) from the CARE office, please fill out this form.

Someone from the CARE office will review your submitted form, confirming that you are PELL eligible. Note, the form will only be reviewed Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

When both eligibility requirements are confirmed, you will receive an email from informing you that your COVID tests will be available with instructions on where to pick them up.