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Welcome to Vassar College. This information is here to help acquaint you with the college, its offices, and staff. Detailed information that pertains to your work at Vassar appears in the Faculty Handbook and Vassar College Governance.

When you arrive at Vassar, please contact Ms. Melissa Naitza, Assistant Dean for Academic Administration in the Dean of the Faculty Office:

Melissa Naitza
(845) 437-5301
Main Building, North 102

Each new faculty member must complete an “Employment Eligibility Form” [Form I-9] and present the required supporting documents prior to commencing employment.

Vassar ID Card

Next, obtain your Vassar College ID Card (known as the VCard) from the CIS Service Desk in the College Center. Your VCard will serve as a Library card and provide access to many college buildings. You may also deposit funds (VCash) to your card so that you can use it as a debit card in the multiple campus dining facilities, merchants off-campus and to charge purchases of personal items from the Vassar College Store.


After you have your Vassar ID card the Service Desk will set up your email address. For more information call (845) 437-7224. The Service Desk is available for campus computing information and troubleshooting.

Post Office Box and Mailbox Key

Visit the Vassar College Mail Room for the key to the mailbox that you have been assigned. The Mail Room is located on the first floor of the College Center, on the North side.

Vehicle Registration

Please see the Facilities Operations website to review how to register your vehicle, as well as other information regarding parking, etc.

Faculty Housing

The Faculty Housing Office, under the auspices of the Dean of Strategic Planning and Academic Resources, can assist those who are eligible to rent or purchase faculty housing. For further information, please contact Allison O’Brien at (845) 437-7970 or by email

Human Resources

The Dean of the Faculty office serves as a hub for faculty support; however, there are also great resources and information regarding College holidays, benefits, etc on the Human Resources site.

New Faculty Orientation

Orientation for new faculty will be on August 25-26, 2021, and is required for all new full-time faculty members and highly recommended for faculty teaching half-time or more.

Teaching Information

The website for the Learning, Teaching and Resource Center is a great location to review academic resources to strengthen teaching and understand the dedication to educational excellence that Vassar supports.

Educational Assessment

Assessment is an ongoing process that involves a clear articulation of learning outcomes and goals that embody its mission, developing tools to measure how well students are meeting those goals, and to reflect what those tools reveal in order to make improvements to our curriculum, practices, and programming that help us better fulfill our mission. 

Information for All Faculty

Handbooks and Forms

Policies and Procedures

Additional Information

Visit the Learning, Teaching, and Research Center blog site for more information, including an archive of sample Vassar syllabi. For other questions, please contact any of the following faculty members who comprise Vassar’s core faculty development team:

William Hoynes, Dean of the Faculty
(845) 437-5300

Maria Hantzopoulos, Faculty Director of Teaching Development of the Learning, Teaching, and Research Center
(845) 437-5512

Katie Hite, Faculty Director of Research Development
(845) 437-7661