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What is the Community Care Team?

The CCT promotes a culture of 'we precedes me.'

Accountability for our community standards is supported through the Community Care Team (CCT). The CCT was a highly collaborative group of students and employees, chaired by Dean Wendy Maragh Taylor of Student Growth and Engagement with organizational support from Sarah Garijo-Garde, Community Care Program Associate. Members of the CCT received training in bystander intervention, restorative practices, and unconscious bias work. Members of the CCT met with individuals to have a restorative conversation who were identified as potentially causing harm to the community. All actions taken by the CCT were non-punitive in nature, and we offered coaching to those who were willing to “carefront” their peers or colleagues. The CCT also collaborated with campus partners such as Campus Safety, Student Expectations, and the COVID-19 Threat Assessment Team (CTAT).  

Accountability on Campus

Our safety protocols were multilayered, encompassing testing, social distancing, mask-wearing, and enhanced cleaning. We recognized that there would be instances when a member of the community did not adhere to a community norm, either intentionally or inadvertently. In these cases, we asked that members of the campus community first “carefront” in responding to these violations. For example, if an individual is not wearing a mask, you might approach them and offer solutions to where they might acquire one.

Community Care Team Membership

CCT membership for the Fall 2020 semester was as follows: 

Wendy Maragh Taylor, Associate Dean of the College for Student Growth and Engagement and Chair of the Community Care Team

Sarah Garijo-Garde, Community Care Program Associate

Student Members:

Anne-Marie Abban, Class of 2021
Tiara Coleman, Class of 2022
Mila Fox, Class of 2023
Melissa Hoffmann, Class of 2021
Victoria Horner, Class of 2023
Lucy Kuhn, Class of 2022
Amanda Lion, Class of 2021
Alexa Lyons, Class of 2021
Prashit Parikh, Class of 2021
Olav Peterson Langeland, Class of 2021
Sarah Berry Pierce, Class of 2022
Susanna Shull, Class of 2023
Lisa Smart, Class of 2022
Lillian Wolsk, Class of 2022

Employee Members:

Danielle Aquilar, Security Officer
Capria Berry, Director of First-generation, Low Income (FLI) Program (formerly the Transitions Program)
Kevin Collins, Director of the Jeh Vincent Johnson ALANA Cultural Center
Carollynn Costella, Reference Librarian
Jaime Del Razo, Assistant Professor of Education and House Fellow
Michael Drucker, Director of Residential Education
Danushi Fernando, Director of LGBTQ & Gender Resources
Anna Belle Gadsden-Jones, Manager of Residential Operations
Richard Gary, Head Coach of Men's Volleyball
Heidi Hunsberger, Safety & Security Administrative Lieutenant
Lizzie Jáuregui, House Advisor and Assistant Director of Residential Life
Yousra Khan, Office Specialist
Adam Lowrance, Associate Professor and House Fellow
Taneisha Means, Assistant Professor of Political Science and House Fellow
Jasmine Mitchell, Campus Activities Program Manager
Lori Newman, Assistant Professor of Psychological Science and House Fellow
Andrea Pesavento, Director of Health Promotion & Education
Michelle Ransom, Director of Student Activities & College Center
Samuel Rueda, House Advisor
Elliot Schreiber, Associate Professor of German Studies and House Fellow
Will Rush, Assistant Director of Campus Activities
Michelle Walsh, Director of Athletics & Physical Education
Christina Winnett, House Advisor and Assistant Director of Residential Life
Nicole Wong, Director of Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention
Rodney Young, Sergeant on Call

For more information on Vassar’s Community Standards and COVID policies, please visit our VassarTogether site and COVID-19 Policies.