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Exploring Transfer

Vassar College


Does my participation in the program mean I will be accepted into Vassar College for my bachelor's?

No. Exploring Transfer is designed to bolster the confidence and academic skills of community college transfer students. While this experience will certainly help students become more familiar with the Vassar campus, the larger goal is to expand what students imagine for themselves more generally. If you are, however, interested in transferring to Vassar, you should contact the Vassar Office of Admission by emailing

What class supplies are provided?

You will be given books, notebooks, and class materials upon your arrival.

What meals are provided by the program?

You will be provided three meals a day in the campus dining center (The Gordon Commons).

How do I get to Vassar and how will I find my way around the campus?

To help you in planning your trip, here is a link to travel information and a map of the campus. A comprehensive tour of the campus will be given the day after your arrival, and counselors will assist you in finding your way to the respective buildings on the first day of class.

When should I arrive?

Students should expect to arrive Monday, June 17th between 12pm and 4pm, but no earlier than 12pm.  

When does the program end?

The last day of classes is Friday, July 26. A closing ceremony will follow that evening. All students are welcome to stay on campus until Saturday morning, but students must be out of the dormitory by noon on Saturday, July 27.

Can I go home on the weekends?

ET students are expected to remain in residence during the duration of the program; it is not designed as a commuter program.

Can I work or take other classes while enrolled in the program?

No. This is an intense academic experience, and accepted students will need to focus on their studies and the learning community.

What is provided in the dormitory?

Each room is furnished with a dresser, a desk, a chair, a bed frame, a mattress, a wardrobe, ethernet jack, and a recycling and trash bin. Each room also comes with overhead lighting, and at least one window with a screen and a shade. The residential building has a full kitchen, a small computer cluster and a recreation room with a TV and a ping-pong table.

What should I bring with me?

The most common items are: a pillow, extra-long twin sheets, blankets, pillowcase, towels, an alarm clock, a desk lamp, laundry supplies, and toiletries.  A fan is strongly encouraged, as the building will get very hot during the summer.  You might want to bring an extra blanket, as the weather can turn cool in the evenings. If you have a computer, you should bring that, along with a power strip, as papers must be typed. However, if you do not have one, there are computers and printers available, but only on a limited basis.

What may I not bring to campus?

Do not bring a TV, extension cords or an air-conditioner. Read a full list of restricted items

What is the College’s alcohol and smoke-free/tobacco-free policy?

 All state laws related to alcohol consumption and distribution must be followed.  In addition, Vassar is a smoke-free campus; smoking is prohibited in the buildings and exterior grounds of the college.  This policy applies to all tobacco and smoking products, including but not limited to cigarettes, cannabis, cigars, snuff, chewing tobacco, and non-FDA-approved nicotine delivery devices such as e-cigarettes.

Is there a laundry facility?

There are two laundry rooms in the residential building. The washers and dryers accept VCash as payment.

What type of clothing should I bring?

A good pair of walking shoes or sneakers is strongly recommended. Since summer attire at Vassar is very casual, we suggest you travel lightly and bring comfortable clothing. You should, however, bring one “dressy” outfit for off-campus visits and for the closing ceremony, but for everyday wear, shorts and jeans are just fine. A bathing suit would be handy for anyone wanting to use the campus pool. The weather in Poughkeepsie during the summer months is hot—the average high is 86°F—and can be quite humid.

Are there stores in the area in case I forget something?

Stores and shopping are reachable by bus, and a bus schedule link will be provided in your welcome packet upon arrival. There will also be van trips to stores, especially soon after your arrival.

May I bring a car and/or bicycle?

You may bring a car and there will be parking available on campus.  However, motorcycles, motorbikes, and mopeds are strictly forbidden. You may bring a bicycle, but if you do, make sure you bring and use a lock that cannot be cut off.  Although Vassar College is a safe place, bicycles do sometimes disappear.

Can I have overnight guests in the dorm?

No. This is an intense academic experience and having overnight guests in the dorms can be disruptive.  Additionally, the limited bathrooms, rooms, and space are already shared, and they need to be limited to program participants.  There are several hotels in the area to accommodate your visitors. Under unusual circumstances, an exception may be requested and would need to be approved by the Director of Exploring Transfer and the Director of Residential Life. 

What kind of medical facilities are available?

The Poughkeepsie area is rich in doctors, hospitals, and medical facilities of all types.  There are no operating on-campus medical facilities during the summer. Be sure not to forget to bring any prescription medications.

Please note that Exploring Transfer Scholars are expected to abide by ET Program regulations and Vassar College regulations as outlined in the Vassar College Regulations, available online.  Failure to abide by College Regulations and/or actions or behaviors that compromise the well-being of program members, faculty, or staff will be reviewed by an Ad Hoc College Regulations Committee following special summer protocol and could result in dismissal from the Exploring Transfer Program.