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Apply here for the Teaching Assistant position for 2021

Apply here for the Peer Mentor position for 2021

** Applications are due by April 25th

Teaching Assistants and Peer Mentors play essential roles in the Exploring Transfer Program.

Each Teaching Assistant will be assigned to one Exploring Transfer class. Teaching Assistants are required to attend class each day, complete the readings and keep up with the assignments, hold office hours each weekday and Sunday afternoons, and facilitate communication between the instructors and students. Teaching Assistants are also required to attend a weekly faculty and staff meeting and are encouraged to participate in social events.

Peer Mentors assist the director in fostering a sense of community within the program. They serve as a source of emotional and social support for the students and enrich the quality of their experience by brainstorming, planning, and attending social events. The mentors check-in with students daily and facilitate small group activities. They are required to attend weekly individual meetings with the director and a weekly faculty and staff meeting. Mentors must also attend a short training session in the week before the program begins.

Together, the Assistants and Mentors facilitate the students’ successful passage through the program.