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Vassar College


What is a cost per copy?

Cost per copy/print is a program that maximizes savings by combining the equipment (copiers & accessories), services and supplies (except paper) into one low cost.

Why the cost per copy/print approach?

A cost per copy approach provides Vassar a standardized copy program. The College will receive the best value through a longer-term partnership with one dedicated vendor. By consolidating Vassar's copier needs into one contract, we are able to take advantage of our combined purchasing power for a maximum level of services at lower costs.

What are the costs and benefits?

  1. The cost per copy is $0.03684, regardless of the number of copies made and includes:
    • all supplies such as copy toner (except paper), all parts and services,
    • guaranteed service times, a machine loaner (if required), dedicated service personnel, and ongoing unlimited support.
  2. Transition to digital copier technology through equipment replacement.
  3. Departments will no longer have to request capital funds to purchase new machines (equipment will be upgraded through program).
  4. To determine if a replacement/ upgrade is to be made, each copier's performance review, including age, downtime, service history, copy volume and copying requirements is conducted prior to the end of each fiscal year.
  5. Procurement will work closely with departments and the contractor to coordinate program.

How are department budgets charged?

  • Department copy program budget account will be debited by journal entry on a quarterly basis (1100 - Org - 65315 - Program).
  • The charges are based on the number of copies made on each copier during each quarter × $0.03684.

What if our department shares a copier with another department(s), how do I make sure that their copies are not charged to our budget?

Departments sharing copy machines are provided with unique access codes that activate copy count features only for a specific department. The billing will be done based only on that department’s specific copy count. If your department does not have such access code and requires one, please contact the Procurement Office at or (845) 437-5841.

How do I know the current copy count and where can I check my copier’s meter reading?

Copy counts/meter reading are taken periodically by each department or upon request by the Procurement office.

Here are instructions on how to obtain meter reading and/or copy counts of your copier.

How are supplies and services obtained?

  • All supplies/parts, i.e. toner, belt, drum, and services (except paper) can be obtained by contacting AVP at 1-(800) 875-4240 or, Indicate the department's name, location, machine make and model number. Delivery of supplies will be made directly to the ordering department by AVP representative.
  • Requests for copy paper should be forwarded to General Stores.

My department has recently received a new department Canon printer. How can I install the drivers to print to it?

You can visit the Computing & Information Services website for instructions and driver downloads.

Our department needs copy services that our departmental copier cannot handle (e.g. laser color copies, two-sided copies, folding, stapling, booklet making, binding, large-volume copy jobs, etc.) Where can I go to get it done?

Our Copy Center can provide such and more services. It is located on the first floor of Main Bldg.

Copy Center is ready to assist faculty, students, and staff with a variety of copying, printing, and other related needs that, otherwise, cannot be met with departmental copiers such as color laser copying and printing, duplexing, cutting, collating, stapling, booklet making, etc.

In addition, you can achieve additional saving on black and white copying and printing by using Copy Center services instead of your departmental copier when your job exceeds a total of 100 copies.

Go to the Copy Center site for a detailed list of services and rates.