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Vassar College

  • The Procurement Department shall strive to protect the College’s best interest in all business transactions in accordance with Vassar’s Conflict of Interest policy and the NAEP Code of Ethics.
  • The Procurement Department expects all vendors to have Equal Opportunity policies consistent with federal law.
  • The Procurement Department shall afford Equal Opportunity to all qualified suppliers in the competition for business.
  • The Procurement Department shall refrain from any private business or professional activity that would create a conflict between personal interests and the interests of Vassar College.
  • The Procurement Department encourages opportunities to procure “environmental friendly” materials/equipment. Departments are strongly encouraged to review their internal processes and to develop alternatives that will reduce consumption/waste.
  • Departments are advised to implement precautionary handling methods when ordered items involve hazardous materials. An MSDS must accompany all chemicals upon delivery. For assistance/guidance, please contact Michael Lonon, Director of Environmental Health Safety, ext. 5685.