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Work Study is a need-based student employment program that provides students with part-time jobs on or near campus. It does not mean that you get paid to study; rather it allows students to work and earn a paycheck to help cover their expenses while enrolled in school.

Vassar does not automatically place students into work study jobs. All available jobs are posted on JobX, Vassar’s online student job application site. Students are responsible for determining which jobs best align with their skills and interests and submitting applications for those positions. Work Study students are given priority in the job application/hiring process and have exclusive access to JobX for the first month of each semester. At the end of the first month, JobX opens to all Vassar students regardless of financial need.

There are over 1,600 positions available in almost every department and office on campus. Jobs include admission tour guides, academic research assistants, tutors, museum docents, nursery school aids, information-technology help, lifeguards, administrative office assistants, front desk attendants, etc. Students typically work an average of 7 hours/week.

Unlike other financial aid awards that are applied directly to the charges on your student account, work study funds are earned through a biweekly paycheck according to the hours that you work. It is expected that students use their earnings to cover their indirect/personal expenses (i.e. books, supplies, travel expenses) but they may also need to contribute a small portion to their bill. 

Visit the Student Employment Website to learn more about working on campus.