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Student Employment

Vassar College


What is JobX?

The Vassar Student Employment Office utilizes the JobX system to manage the job application and hiring process. JobX allows students to:

  • Easily search for both on-campus jobs and off-campus community service work-study opportunities 
  • Sign up to receive email alerts when preferred jobs become available
  • Submit electronic job applications
  • If eligible, access and apply for jobs during breaks

This system will also be used by employers to manage jobs offered by their department, receive and review job applications, and hire students for positions.

You may proceed with the Quick Start Guide below, or follow the complete manual to learn how to utilize all features of the JobX site.

Quick Start Guide

To begin, access the JobX system. Note: preferred browser is internet explorer.

  1. Select the Student option, located towards the bottom left corner.
  2. From the Home Page, click Find a Job.
  3. Log in to your account: you will be redirected to the Vassar One Sign-On. Proceed to log in with your Vassar username and password If you are having trouble or receive an error message please contact Computing and Information Services or call (845) 437-7224.
  4. Once authenticated you will be able to search and apply for jobs. Choose from the existing list of quick searches, or create an advanced search to find jobs according to specific criteria. Note: In order to view job wages in the search results you must select a Quick Search option. An Advanced Search will not show job wages in the search results, only within each individual job page.
  5. Once you have found a job you are interested in, click the magnifying glass icon to view the job details.
  6. To apply, select the box to the left of the job title, click the Apply button, which will then prompt you to enter all applicable information. You can also apply to more than one job at one by clicking multiple boxes and then the Apply button.
  7. Once you have completed the application, click Submit to finish. You will be directed to your Dashboard where you can review your application information.
  8. At this point, the employer has received notification of your application. If additional information or steps (such as an interview) are required, the employer will contact you via email.
  9. From there you may continue to apply for additional jobs. We recommend applying to 8–10 jobs initially.
  10. When finished, be sure to Log Out, especially if you are on a shared computer. Note: The Log Out option is only available within the Find a Job or Manage JobMail sections of the website, not the Home Page.

Logging into Your Account

To begin, access the JobX system. From the welcome page select the Students option.

On the Student Home Page, click on “Find A Job” located in the upper right corner.

You will be required to log in through the Vassar One Sign-On. Proceed to enter your Vassar username and password. Note: the same username and password used to access your Vassar email, not your 999# and PIN.

A screenshot of Vassar's main login page

If you are having trouble logging in, or receive an error, please contact Computing and Information Services or call (845) 437-7224.

Find a Job

All jobs offered through the Vassar Student Employment Office are accessible under the Find a Job page. To find jobs, you can either run a general Quick Search, or a more Advanced Search to target specific jobs.

The Quick Search page loads first. By selecting one of the Quick Search options, you can find a range of jobs quickly from the most frequently run searches. To be more specific in your job hunt, click the Advanced Search tab instead.

An Advanced Search allows you to customize your job hunt by defining certain criteria to target specific jobs. 

1. Select the job type you want to search for. You may only search for one job type at a time.

2. In an Advanced Search, you may narrow your criteria by a variety of options. Be sure to click the +/- sign next to a criterion branch to expand your options.

  • Keyword: search by job title, description, requirements, and employer name by entering a keyword-relevant to any of these criteria
  • Categories: Select up to three categories of work that you are interested in
  • Employers: Select up to three employers that you would like to work for
  • Time Frames: Search for jobs that are labeled for a specific semester, break period, or the entire academic year
  • Wage: Search for jobs with a minimum hourly wage
  • Hours per Week: Search for jobs within a specific range of hours required per week

3. Once you have defined your criteria, click the Search! button. If you don’t get results, it’s likely because there aren't any jobs within the parameters you set. Try defining a broader search.

Please Note!
When you place an advanced search, the results will have to match at least one option within each criterion you choose. In other words, if you choose a category and an employer, all results you receive will match both the category and the employer.

If you make a search with multiple categories and employers, the results will have to match at least one combination of category and employer, but not necessarily all categories and employers. If you add in minimum wage criteria, all the jobs will then have to match those new minimum wage criteria, and so on for each criterion, you add to the search.

Find a Job: Results Page

After running a search, the results page will list all jobs that meet your search criteria. Note: certain jobs may require special skills or qualifications. In that case, the system will require you to agree to a disclaimer that you meet the requirements.

1. Click the job title to view its details.

2. If you ran an Advanced Search, above the results table you will find options for refining your search:

  • Change This Search: Will return you to the Advanced Search page with your last search criteria loaded, so you can make quick adjustments
  • Run a New Search: Will bring you back to the Advanced Search page with no search criteria loaded, so you start a fresh search
  • Only jobs posted within: Selecting from the dropdown will allow you to adjust results based on how recently the job positions were posted

3. At the top of the results page is confirmation of your original search criteria.

Apply for a Job

All applications for student employment are done electronically through the application system built into JobX. To apply for jobs:

1. On the results page, select the box to the left of the job title, then click Apply located at the top of the page. To apply for multiple jobs in one process, simply click the box to the left of each job title desired. Before you can apply for certain jobs, you may have to agree to a disclaimer regarding your work-study award. However, you will only have to agree to this disclaimer once per session.

2. You will then be prompted to fill out the job application (example below). Some application forms contain supplemental questions added by the employer. Be sure to answer them. If you leave a required question blank, the system will not allow you to submit your application. Carefully review your answers, then click Submit. Note: you will not have a chance to edit this application once you click submit, so be sure your information is correct.

3. Once you click Submit, your application will automatically be sent to the employer for review, and you will be directed to your Dashboard. Congratulations, you have completed the application process! You may now log out, or continue to apply for other jobs.

4. You can access your Dashboard at any time by clicking on “My Dashboard” under the “Students” Menu at the top of the page within JobX. 

5. Please do not expect an immediate response from the employer as there may be many applications for them to review. Most employers will contact you via email to notify you of their decision. They may also request an interview once you arrive on campus. If you have not heard anything and it's been more than a week since submitting your application, please email the supervisor to follow-up on the status of your application.


JobMail is a feature that sends you automatic email notifications when preferred jobs are posted. Please note that not all employers enable their postings to be picked up by this feature, so you should not rely on JobMail entirely to do your job search for you.

To activate JobMail, you must log into JobX and add a subscription of your interests.

1. From the Student Home Page, click Sign Up for JobMail link.

2. After logging in, you will be taken to the My JobMail Subscriptions page. Click Add New Subscription next to the job type for which you would like to receive JobMail.

3. Click “View/Modify” next to the search criteria to set your desired limitations. For instance, if you want to limit your JobMail by jobs posted for particular times of year, click “View/Modify” next to “Time Frame.”

4. When you click “View/Modify”, a small menu will appear. Select the specific items of interest to you from that menu. For example, to receive mail about Academic jobs, click “Add” next to Academic and the item will move under the Selected Items list. When you have completed your changes, click “Done” at the bottom of the menu.

5. After you click “Done”, you will be returned to the My JobMail Subscriptions. You can continue to add additional filters, but you must click the Save Subscription(s) button at the end to save your subscriptions. If the Save Subscriptions(s) button does not appear, it means your changes have automatically been saved.

Note: You only need to select criteria that you want to use to narrow your job search. In other words, if you are interested in any type of summer job, regardless of the job’s Category or Employer, do not select any items for those two criteria. Only select Summer for Time Frame. Note: If you do select multiple criteria, such as Time Frame and Category, JobMail will assume a combination within each of the criterion, and try to match one of each criterion within each section (Employer, Category, and Time Frame) in order to notify you. For example, if you select the Employer options of Academic and Admissions, as well as the Time Frame of Summer and Winter, JobMail will notify you if a job becomes available within Admissions or Academic during the Summer or Winter.

6. You can create as many subscriptions as you would like. The subscriptions have no relationship to each other. If you want to re-name a subscription, click the name of the subscription, such as Subscription1, and a window will open allowing you to enter a new name.

7. Once you have saved your subscription and named it as you see fit, you have finished setting up your subscription and will be notified once jobs to your set preference become available.

Hiring Process

If an employer hires you, you will receive a “Congratulations, you’ve been hired” email.

First-time student workers: If you have never worked on campus, employers will not be able to hire you directly through the JobX system. Instead, you will receive an email or verbal offer from the job supervisor that they wish to hire you. As soon as you receive that offer, you must complete a federal I-9 Form before you can begin work. Please refer to the Required Forms section for detailed instructions. Complete the I-9 from and bring it, along with your specific form of ID, to the Student Employment Office (SEO). Once the SEO reviews your I-9 they will give you a hiring permission slip for you to bring to your job supervisor. This allows your supervisor to officially hire you in JobX so that you receive the “Congratulations, you’ve been hired” email.

After you receive your “Congratulations” email, the following day (24 hours later), you will receive access to the Workday System. This is where you complete the remainder of your required tax forms and verify your social security number (a process referred to as Onboarding) so that you can be paid.  

If you are hired by more than one employer and are only accepting one of the positions, or decide you no longer want a position, notify the respective supervisor immediately. If you do not notify them, they may not have sufficient time to find a replacement.  Please be conscientious and professional. You should treat the student employment process as you would with any job out in the “real world”.

Please be aware that once you are hired, your employment record exists in Workday. The JobX Dashboard is very helpful for monitoring job applications, but it does not stay up-to-date on your job changes throughout the year (if any occur). Please reference Workday for your currently employment information.

Additional Information

As a student employee you are permitted to earn up to the work-study award amount listed on your financial aid award letter. For non-work study students the maximum academic year earnings limit is $3,000. If you exceed this amount and work over your limit, you will not be permitted to work additional hours or collect additional pay, even if the semester has not ended.

For a record of your pay as a student worker, you can select the “Pay” worklet in Workday and click Payslips. To view your tax forms, click on Withholding Elections. For additional information regarding Workday, refer to the Workday User Guide.

Where To Get Help

For questions regarding Student Employment, contact:

Vassar College Student Employment
Phone: (845) 437-5286
8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday
I-9 Walk-In Hours 1–4 p.m., Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Email Vassar College Student Employment

For technical questions regarding account access or issues with authentication, please contact Vassar CIS:

Vassar College CIS
124 Raymond Ave., Box 13
Poughkeepsie, NY 12604-0013
Phone: (845) 437-7224
8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday
Email the Computing and Information Services Service Desk
The Vassar CIS Service Desk is located in the College Center, North Atrium