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Student Employment

Vassar College

The National Student Employment Association (NSEA) has established the second full week in April to be National Student Employment Week (NSEW).

The purpose of NSEW:

  1. To recognize students who perform outstanding work in their student employment positions;
  2. To thank employers for their dedication to the student employment process and help make it a success;
  3. To enhance awareness of student employment and its important role in the higher education experience.

Vassar College will join in this national celebration in mid-April and student employees and employers both on and off-campus are encouraged to celebrate this week.

How You Can Participate

Student Employment will be holding various events and contests during NSEW. Employers and student employees are encouraged to participate and show each other in their own way that they value their hard work. Some suggestions include:

  • Treat day: Treat your student workers to a snack or goodies, lunch etc.
  • Posters: Take pictures of your student employees/employers and make posters around the department recognizing their contributions
  • Awards: Make silly awards and have a ceremony
  • Pizza: Who doesn’t like pizza?
  • Certificates of Appreciation: Make up certificates for your students
  • Start your own recognition program in your department
  • Decorate an office, bulletin boards, office doors
  • Have a trivia contest with questions about the department, staff, College etc. and make teams with students and employers
  • Throw a party
  • Hold a contest among your student employees/employers and offer a prize

Use your imagination!