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Enrollment generally happens in the months of January–March proceeding the fall of anticipated need. Interested families can contact our site director, Beth, to express interest, inquire about current tuition rates, schedule a tour, and fill out an initial application. New children generally begin the year in the fall (August) as we rarely have openings mid-year.


Children from infants to age five are eligible to enroll in our program. There is no screening process. In keeping with our setting on a college campus, we prioritize serving Vassar families. We are almost always fully enrolled and keep a rolling wait list in keeping with the following priorities:

  1. All children currently enrolled at the Infant Toddler Center (ITC) or Wimpfheimer Nursery School (WNS) have automatic priority to enroll for the next year and next eligible program according to their age and scheduling needs.
  2. Vassar employees:
    1. A child of a Vassar employee has priority next.
    2. A grandchild of a Vassar employee has priority next.
  3. Community Families
    1. A community family that has a sibling/child that has already attend ITC or WNS has next priority.
    2. A community family that is a Vassar alum and is a parent of an age eligible child is next.
    3. A new community family is enrolled (and entered on waiting list) in order of application date.