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We provide and support numerous technology services to satisfy the unique needs of all groups on campus. We strive to keep our various audiences informed on beneficial new services, changes to existing services, upcoming CIS events, scheduled maintenance, and unplanned outages. Below are all the details on how CIS communicates with the Vassar community.

If you ever have any tech-related questions, the Service Desk is always happy to help you! You can reach the Service Desk at, (845) 437-7224, or stop by the physical location in College Center.

Scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages

Our goal is to communicate scheduled maintenance and outages as quickly and transparently as possible. We will report all scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages via our service status page. Members of the Vassar community can view the CIS service status page at any time and manage their notification preferences by subscribing to the individual services that they use in their studies and/or work at Vassar. For example, you could decide to receive email notifications for Workday and Moodle and NOT to receive notifications for anything else. In an effort to improve communications and reduce inbox fatigue, you must subscribe to receive notifications about scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages for services of interest or monitor the service status page, as these will not be shared via email to the campus at large.

New services

When a significant new service offering is available, we will email all members of the Vassar community that can use it.

Changes to existing services

Enhancements to existing services will be communicated via the service status page at (usually included in scheduled maintenance to that service). If a service is being phased out and will no longer be available, it will be communicated via the service status page, but it might also be shared via email to a wider campus audience if it is part of a major campus-wide initiative or project.

IT security alerts

All IT security alerts will be shared via the service status page. However, we will notify the entire Vassar community via email in the event of a major IT security incident where the threat has not been contained, and Vassar accounts are at high risk. Additionally, we publish a blog that documents phishing and other malicious emails on campus.

Major incidents

We will notify the entire Vassar community via email in the event of a major incident that impacts campus Internet access, communication systems, or IT security.

Outreach about training and events

To get the word out about training and events, we utilize various channels, depending on the initiative. For initiatives that are available to the entire Vassar community, we will always send the information via email, and depending on various circumstances, we may additionally distribute digital and physical signage around campus. For initiatives that are only available to specific groups, we will send targeted emails or share information through a group liaison.