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Responsible Use Policy

Members of the campus community need to use shared resources in a manner that is legal, ethical, and respectful of othersView policy.

Policy for Requesting Access to Electronic Mail and Electronic Logs

From time to time it becomes necessary for an official of the College to gain access to electronic information that is normally not available to the general public. This policy describes the procedures that are to be followed when access to such information is needed. View policy.

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Vassar’s position on the issue of peer-to-peer (p2p) file sharing, and the procedures that are in place for responding to requests from copyright holders or their official designees. View policy.

Chosen Name Policy

Some members of the Vassar College community are known by a name that is different from their legal name. View policy.

Access Policy

This policy is designed to regulate access to Vassar’s systems and information assets yet preserve the fundamental information security principles of confidentiality, data and system integrity, availability, accountability and assurance. The policy outlines requirements and best practices for the protection of Vassar’s resources. View policy.

Password Policy

Passwords are an important part of Vassar’s efforts to protect its technology systems and information assets by ensuring that only approved individuals can access these systems and assets. Advances in Information Security research has led to the development of new best practices for the composition, lifetime and general usage of passwords. This policy is designed to adopt these practices to enhance the security of the Vassar community. View policy.

Information Security Policy

This policy provides the overall Vassar College Information Security framework addressing key initiatives to provide for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Vassar College’s information assets. View policy.

Data Classification Policy

This policy defines the data classification requirements for information assets in order to ensure that data is secured and handled according to its sensitivity and impact that theft, corruption, loss or exposure would have on the institution. View policy.

Data Governance Plan

This plan offers guidelines and procedures for those who collect, process, or store data, in addition to those who are requesting new access to data for any of those purposes. View plan.