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International Programs

Vassar College

Banner image: Vassar Irish Teaching Internship Program in Clifden, Ireland. Nina Bonin & Kellyne Vaudreuil, '23

Vassar College was selected by the Institute of International Education (IIE) to receive an IIE American Passport Project grant! This grant has enabled 25 Vassar students to obtain a U.S. passport and support their study abroad journeys. Find out more!

Study abroad is an important component of Vassar’s liberal arts education. In addition to providing students access to courses and learning experiences not otherwise available on campus, an immersive education abroad fosters transformative encounters with different cultures and groups.

To this end, the Office of International Programs (OIP) offers access to a diverse range of high-quality programs around the world. By facilitating meaningful student and faculty engagement in learning opportunities outside the United States, the OIP contributes to Vassar’s mission of nurturing intellectual curiosity, creativity, respectful discourse and engaged citizenship from a global perspective.

Student Learning Goals:

Through an education abroad experience, we aim for students to:

  1. discover new approaches to their areas of study, and/or explore different fields.
  2. reflect critically upon and apply global perspectives to their Vassar education.
  3. cultivate appreciation, respect, and understanding for cultural differences.
  4. develop or improve language and intercultural communication skills.



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