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Vassar believes that education abroad is a valuable academic experience that should be accessible to all students. Here is some information for you to consider:

  • Understand your financial aid package. Financial aid, including Vassar scholarships, may generally be applied toward study abroad program costs. In determining a budget for your study abroad experience, please take into consideration that the cost of living may be higher (food, rent, public transportation) and that you may wish to spend extra money on souvenirs, cultural activities, and travel for pleasure.
    • Work-study is a federally funded, need-based financial aid program that cannot be disbursed to a student studying internationally.  In order to assist students who depend on their work-study earnings, Student Financial Services will include a loan in your award to cover that amount and is unable to provide a Vassar scholarship to fill the place of your work-study earnings. As with other loans included in a student’s financial aid package, you will have the option to accept it or not. If you prefer not to take a loan, consider applying for an external scholarship to cover the cost (see our Scholarships page), or plan to save up the funds to cover this difference.
    • It is also important to note that in most cases study abroad students are not permitted to work while abroad.  Therefore, please plan ahead so that you have the appropriate funds available while you are away.
  • Plan for pre-departure expenses. You may encounter some costs prior to your semester abroad, so please plan ahead. This is especially important because financial aid may not yet have been disbursed, therefore requiring you to pay out of pocket. To learn more about potential upfront costs, please review the program page in the Vassar Global Learning Portal, and check with your program provider or host institution. Examples of pre-departure costs include:
    • Passport application or passport renewal application
    • Program application fee and program deposit
    • Visa application fee
    • National health insurance surcharges for your location abroad (specifically applicable to students studying for an entire year in the United Kingdom, or studying in Australia)
    • Flight
    • Immunizations or medications (for example, prophylaxis for Malaria)
  • Consider applying for a scholarship. In addition to financial aid and Vassar scholarships, you may be eligible for external study abroad scholarships. Explore our Scholarships page and the Office for Fellowships and Pre-Health Advising page to find out about available opportunities. Please let us know if you decide to apply for a scholarship, as we would be happy to provide advice.