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When Will I Know if I am Approved?

The Committee on Leaves and Privileges (CLP) meets during the January break to review all study abroad applications. Decision letters are sent in the first week of February. If your intended program has a January deadline, you should proceed with their program-specific application while you wait for a decision from the CLP.

I Have been Approved to Study Abroad – What’s Next?

After the CLP has approved your application to study abroad, you need to complete the program-specific application (each provider has their own application). With the exception of the Berlin Consortium for German Studies, the Vassar-sponsored programs do not require a secondary application. Please note that requirements and deadlines vary at this stage and that some external programs may require you to pay an application fee.

You will also be required to complete several “post-decision” requirements in the Vassar Global Learning Portal. These include documents requiring signature by you and your parents/guardians, required reading, as well as some brief questionnaires. If the CLP approved you for more than one program, you should withdraw your application from the program you do not plan to pursue.

I Have Been Denied or Provisionally Approved to Study Abroad – What Does that Mean?

While most students are approved, there are instances when some students are denied for study abroad. If that is the case and you wish to understand why, you may make an appointment with the Director of International Programs to discuss the decision.

In some cases, a student will receive provisional approval for study abroad, pending completion of certain requirements. The requirements will be described in the decision letter. Conditions for provisional approval must be met by the end of the sophomore year for the leave to be granted and normally will not be extended into the junior year. If necessary, individual cases will be reviewed by the CLP.

Students with a grade of incomplete (INC), on academic probation, under disciplinary censure, or with outstanding financial obligations to the College, will not be allowed to study abroad. If CLP has granted permission to study abroad and you later fall into one of these categories, permission to study abroad will be revoked. You may appeal this decision provided the impediment is removed. Please consult with the OIP before making an appeal.

Study Abroad Status vis-a-vis Ability to Register for Classes and On-Campus Housing

Once your status is changed to “study abroad” for the following term, you will not be able to register for courses at Vassar for the term(s) approved, nor will you be able to participate in the housing draw.

If you decide to withdraw your study abroad application during the semester prior to your expected departure you should do it before room draw and the end of registration to be assured the opportunity to participate.

Once your application is formally withdrawn, it is not possible to reinstate your study abroad status.

How Do I Make a Change to an Approved Study Abroad Plan?

If you wish to make a substantial change to your study abroad plan after you have been approved — such as change of program, major changes in proposed coursework, or changes to your academic focus — a petition must be submitted in writing to the CLP.  Contact the OIP first, should you wish to do so.

The deadline for changes to an approved study abroad program are March 1st for Fall term/Academic Year and October 1st for Spring term.

Cancellations, Emergency or Otherwise

Students who wish to cancel their study abroad plans may return to campus, space permitting, up until the end of the first week of classes. Such a decision requires careful consultation with the program director of your approved study abroad program, the Office of International Programs (OIP) at Vassar, and your major adviser. Late cancellations may result in difficulties in course registration, financial aid, and perhaps housing. There is also no guarantee that the program will refund in full, nor that credit will be awarded for partially completed coursework.

It is not possible to register for classes or obtain on-campus housing if your status with the College is “on study abroad.” Should you decide to cancel your program, you must notify the OIP immediately so that your status can be changed to “on campus.”