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Integrating a study abroad experience into your time at Vassar will reap many rewards. The unique opportunity to learn and live abroad will offer access to new classes, the opportunity to gain a new perspective in your field of study, and the chance to develop or master language skills. Students who have returned from abroad report improved self confidence, problem-solving skills, a worldly outlook, and increased cultural competence. Such growth is personally rewarding, but is also valuable to future employers and graduate schools. 

Don’t have the funds to go abroad? Perhaps you think you cannot afford to miss your science labs or miss a season with your sports team? Think no further! There are many ways to make a study abroad experience happen. Watch this short video, 10 Myths About Study Abroad, to find out more.  

Have more questions? Drop-in during our regular virtual advising hours, Monday-Friday from 2:00 pm-4:30 pm, for a visit with our study abroad team.


The Virtual fair features a broad range of programs that Vassar students may access. Here we’d like to highlight the Vassar-administered programs. If one of them is a good fit for your learning goals, they offer an excellent opportunity to study abroad and get immersed in a new environment while also maintaining a Vassar cohort and guidance from Vassar faculty. Click on each program to see more information!

Student Testimonials

Alumnae/i Testimonials

Jessica Sai Lum ’13

Double major Asian Studies and Psychology
Program Manager, Executive Education Online, Graduate School of Business
CIEE Tokyo, Boston University Internship Program in London

“I learned firsthand from my own study abroad experience that when people are supported and given a chance to explore unfamiliar environments and engage with the communities that live there, this produces incredible opportunities to, not only develop their sense of agency and global citizenship, but to become empowered and inspired to produce reciprocal impact”.

Daniel Davies ’11

Political Science major, Correlate in Philosophy
DIS Copenhagen, Denmark
Programme Officer, Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network

“While studying abroad, I got to meet with a prosecutor from the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. It was the first time I’d spoken with an international lawyer about their work, and it opened my eyes to ways in which I could put my interest in international politics to use. Since graduating from law school, I’ve lived in the Netherlands, Egypt, Tanzania, the UK, and now Thailand”.

Brianna Reed ’16

Psychology and French double major
Vassar Wesleyan Program in Paris
Investigator at Levy Firestone Muse LLP

“Studying in Paris allowed me to grow comfortable enough with the language to the point where I stopped questioning every French word and utterance that came out of my mouth. This not only led to a significant confidence boost in my ability to flow between American and French cultures, but also made me much more curious as to how the language played into cultures that were not only centered in and about France. Ultimately, that confidence led me to pursue work in the professional field where I could use the language to interact with colleagues and complete projects largely in French.”

Anish Kanoria ’18

Economics and Political Science
SOAS, London
Associate at Hanuman Agro Industries Ltd.

“My study abroad was one of the best experiences of my college life. It gave me the chance to take classes Vassar doesn’t offer, make friends from all over the world, and live in (and explore) an entirely different setting for a semester. All of these combined, really gave me perspective...something I cherish to this day”.

Vivian Parlak ’14

Economics Italian double major: French correlate sequence
Paris Vassar-Wesleyan Program
Bologna E.C.CO
Strategy and Marketing Professional

“JYA was certainly one of the highlights of my undergraduate years. Studying abroad was an exceptional opportunity to boost my language skills but, more importantly, it allowed me to gain a deeper appreciation for foreign cultures by making meaningful connections with people around the globe. My experience inspired me to get an advanced degree in international studies and launch my career in an international organization.”

Leyao Shen ’16

Biology major
DIS Copenhagen
PhD candidate, Cell Biology Duke University

“During my study abroad in Denmark through DIS, I was given the opportunity to do research with an ophthalmologist on the pathological development of age-related macular degeneration. That experience triggered my interest and passion for scientific research. I am currently pursuing a PhD in cell biology”.

Jamie Stevenson ’10

International Studies
SIT Cameroon
Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University
Energy Analyst/Consultant, Lyon, France

“I split my junior year abroad between the SIT Cameroon ‘Development and Social Change’ programme and a semester at Oxford. Both experiences were really formative, but my semester in Cameroon in particular helped lay the foundations for what I do now - I’ve spent the last ten years living and working in French, and my career has been focused on energy infrastructure and policy planning, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. I still try to apply the things I learned with SIT in Cameroon to my projects today.”

Kyle Chea ’10

History major
University of Bristol
MBA (Duke University - Fuqua
Associate, BNP Paribas CIB Consulting (New York, NY), School of Business)

“My study abroad experience at the University of Bristol can best be summed up in one word: ‘challenge.’ Through my study abroad experience, I learned that hard work and humor go a long way in building lasting, life-changing relationships, and that saying ‘yes’ to a challenge shows us we can achieve far more than we ever thought possible.”

Alex Gros ’14

International Studies major, Correlate in Hispanic Studies
Vassar Wesleyan Program in Madrid
Master of Public Administration Candidate, The London School of Economics and Political Science

“Being immersed in a foreign culture not only broadened my horizons and fostered self-awareness, but also improved my foreign language skills, cultural competency, and ability to communicate cross-culturally. As a master’s candidate at the London School of Economics and Political Science, I use these skills every day while collaborating on research, presentations, and more with classmates and coworkers from around the world.”

Max Kutner ’11

Film Major
Vassar Wesleyan Program in Paris

“Studying in Paris expanded my worldview, which became essential as I pursued a career in journalism. The experience has been a conversation starter in job interviews, and I even moved back to Paris after college.”

Kweku Attahfuah-Wadee ’13

Environmental Studies
University of Perth, DIS Copenhagen
Project Officer, Sanitation Green Advocacy Ghana

“Study Abroad gave me the chance to broaden my intellectual interests beyond my original academic focus – energy policy and sustainability – by taking classes in Mandarin and conducting historical research on natural disasters in South East Asia. These experiences, coupled with the lifelong friends I made along away, greatly benefited my personal and professional life.”

Jeremy Arthur ’10

Psychology, Political Science
University College London
Political Researcher and Special Assistant to the UAE Ambassador to the UN

“I had always been enthusiastic about public policy and governance. Prior to my study abroad experience in the UK, my focus had been primarily on US government. My time in the UK provided an opportunity to more closely examine other governments, both in structure and delivery of services. This significantly broadened my scope of interest, which inspired me to me work abroad after Vassar and ultimately find my way to the United Nations.”

Sebastian Herrador-Guzman ’14

Economics; Math, French correlate sequence
Internships in Francophone Europe, Paris
Economist/Consultant Deloitte Canada

“My study abroad experience allowed me to sharpen my French to become fully conversational. Today this is helping me pursue consulting engagements with top business clients in francophone Canada which has opened many professional opportunities since I have been able to leverage my linguistic qualifications to distinguish my profile when submitting proposals to do business from global clients.”