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The Vassar-Wesleyan Program in Paris (VWPP) is run jointly by Vassar College and Wesleyan University and is located in Reid Hall. It is based on a comprehensive or whole-life approach to study abroad, and has three goals. It seeks, first, to bring students’ command of the French language as close as possible to fluency. It also permits students to study all aspects of French civilization—politics, art, literature, cinema, history—while simultaneously making regular progress towards the completion of their majors. Finally, the program brings students into direct contact with French and European life over an extended period, heightening their awareness and understanding of French society and thought, as well as increasing their understanding of the United States in relation to other countries and cultures.

The goals are obtained through various components of the program :

  • courses in French universities
  • courses and tutoring sessions at Reid Hall
  • cultural activities such as day trips, theater performances, initiation to French cooking
  • internships and volunteer opportunities
  • and housing with a French-speaking host

We also expect students to speak only French during their stay.

Students may participate in the program for either one semester (fall or spring) or two semesters.

For more information please visit Vassar-Wesleyan Program in Paris (VWPP).