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Pre-Health Advising

Vassar College

In addition to the regular academic advisers, there is a committee of Pre-Medical Advisers made up of faculty members in the sciences. During the first two years of college, students consult with the premed advisers in the pre-health office and should feel free to consult with any member of the faculty committee about his/her program of study or other aspects of best qualifying for eventual admission to a professional program.

During the year prior to making an application for admission to a health professional school, students are assigned to a specific faculty adviser.  For those applying to enter medical school immediately following Vassar that will occur during junior year.  At that point we will do our best to help you as an individual to maximize your chances in the application process.  The Office for Pre-Health Advising will assist you in the application procedure.  The office is located on the first floor of Main, Room N-162, (845) 437-5263.  You may contact this office and arrange to speak with a premed adviser for further information or if you have any questions or concerns.  

Our Committee has always taken the position that we will support any student who wishes to apply.  Obviously we cannot recommend each student equally; however, we will recommend as strongly as we can depending upon the individual's performance and characteristics.  We firmly believe that many students can enhance their probabilities of successful achievement of careers in the health professions by early consultation with one or more of us.