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Career Education

Vassar College

Prior to Applying to Internships

  • Begin researching internships over the winter break since most internship openings will be announced between December and March (though some may have even earlier deadlines).
  • Make note of outside funding/grant deadlines and requirements (if pursuing unpaid internships).
  • Identify what type of internship experience you are seeking. What careers interest you? What do you hope to gain from an internship? What companies/organizations are you interested in? What cities/states/countries are you hoping to intern in?
  • Ask potential references early to ensure that they will serve as a reference and would be willing to write a letter of recommendation (if required) for internships you plan to apply to.
  • Get as organized as you can. Set up an Excel/Google Doc file to track what you are applying to and when you submitted your materials.
  • Consider meeting with a Career Counselor in the CCE to develop an effective internship search approach and learn about the variety of resources available to you to help you during your search.

Applying to Internships

  • Prepare a resume and cover letter, have a CCE Career Assistant provide you with feedback, and consider scheduling an appointment with a CCE Career Counselor to polish your application materials prior to submitting them.
  • Be clear, concise and grammatically correct in all your writing, including your resume, cover letter, and if needed, essay or short answer.
  • Proofread/Review all application materials prior to submission. Remember that all of your correspondence reflects on you as a candidate.
  • Submit all application materials by deadline date.
  • Keep applying to internships (even if you’ve applied to your dream internship opportunity). The goal is to have options to choose from in the end so you can have an ideal summer experience!

Interviewing for Internships

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to prepare for the internship interview (if required). Review your application materials closely and research the company/organization thoroughly (as well as your interviewers if names were given to you).
  • Be specific about your interests during the interview. Prepare with examples to demonstrate your interest.
  • Schedule a Mock Interview at the CCE to practice interviewing prior to the actual interview date.
  • Dress professionally, arrive early (10–15 minutes), and remain attentive at all times during the interview.
  • Ask questions to show that you have given careful thought to the goals of the internship and to learn more about the internship.
  • Send a thank you email/note promptly after interviewing for any opportunity.